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Invites to Test Out Google Bard are Being Sent Out to a Few Pixel Superfans

Years have been spent developing Google Bard. Google has accelerated the release schedule for its generative AI after ChatGPT stunned everyone and began outperforming Microsoft products like Word and Bing. Last month, the business already made Bard available to reliable internal testers. Nonetheless, user reviews suggest the chatbot’s public debut may be approaching.

Invites to Test Out Google Bard are Being Sent Out to a Few Pixel Superfan s_

An email providing early access to Google’s huge language model was sent to some Pixel Superfan members. The invitation includes a link to a form that, according to reports, requests the user’s email address be verified. According to Google, only a small, “randomly selected” number of Pixel Superfans will be allowed to participate.

Users who fill up the form are informed that Google will contact them shortly with more instructions; moreover, they wait to gain access to Bard. According to the email, joining the early access program will enable individuals to “start as soon as Bard debuts,” which, by Google’s standards, could be at any time. The business has, however, stated that it anticipates making the technology more freely accessible to the general public in a matter of weeks.


In place of a Knowledge Graph card or a list of links, Bard is anticipated to interact with Google Search and offer immediate responses to your inquiries. The tool contextualizes data obtained from the web and responds in simple English using LaMDA, a conversational AI model Google revealed in 2021. When asked which instrument to try, the corporation provided an overview of the benefits and drawbacks of studying the piano and the guitar, as well as a list of constellations in bullet form as examples.


Suppose you have yet to receive this invitation email. In that case, you’ll likely have to wait until the public beta to test Google Bard because the Pixel Superfan program isn’t admitting new members. A recent signup window closed nearly as quickly as it opened. Let’s say you believe you are missing out. In that scenario, you can use ChatGPT’s Tasker integration on Android to get a taste of generative AI features.

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