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Investigation of January 6: problems of the Ministry of Justice new subpoena to the National Archives for more the documents

This latest the summons issued on August 17 is in addition to the agenda of the Department of Justice sent to the Archive earlier in the year, requesting the same documents and information which the Archive has previously transferred over to the House Select Committee to Investigate on January 6.

This new A subpoena, which has not been previously reported, is understood as a request for additional documents and data from the archives relating to the period of both before and after January 6th.

Thomas Windom, Assistant U.S. Attorney leading in criminal investigate an attempt to obstruct the transfer of power after the 2020 elections, including potential role In execution former President Donald Trump and his allies are organizing group of fake voters who can keep trump in power despite losing the election. United States Attorney’s Office declined to comment.
Ministry of Justice negotiations with Trump's lawyers make an important point for ex-president

The agenda requires documents to be submitted by the end of August.

new the agenda is latest indicates that the Department of Justice is gaining momentum up its investigation and expanded the scope of his probe is in potential role White House staff played in events leading up to attack on Capitol on that day.
Last week, CNN and other sources reported that Trump’s White House attorney, Eric Hershmann, who pushed back on efforts former The President and his allies have been subpoenaed by the federal government to cancel the 2020 election. grand jury investigating events around January 6th.
Trump’s other lawyers, including Pat Cipollone and Patrick Philbin, also were subpoenaed, and officials from the Department of Justice were preparing up to attempt access direct communications with Trump when he was in office, which could set off legal fight over executive privilege.

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