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Intermediate Elementary School 2022 results in Arizona, Missouri, Kansas, Michigan and Washington

Voters in five states go to the polls on Tuesday in a little of states that were battlegrounds in 2020 – and will be again in 2024. And abortion threatens its own first test on the ballot box since the Supreme Court struck down Rowe vs. Wade as Kansas voters decide whether or not to have abortions. should be constitutionally protected.

FROM former The influence of President Donald Trump is growing in a little of Primaries on Tuesday CBS News poll published Tuesday showed that for Republicans, Trump support is a plus for this candidate and more so among republicans who say “always” vote in Republican primaries, majority of who identify themselves as MAGA Republicans.


In Arizona former President Donald Trump assembled for his allies in Senate, Governor and secretary of state races. Arizona was one of in key battlefield states that have gone for President Joe Biden in 2020. After the election, some Republicans in the state tried to overthrow results, with slate shipment plan of false alternative electors who supported Trump in Congress for an Electoral College certificate, not an electoral college certificate won President Biden.

Take on the Republican primaries on Democratic Senator Mark Kelly in November, Trump endorsed Blake Masters who has a comfortable lead based on two polls ahead of Home.

For the governor former Television news host Kari Lake and lawyer Karrin Taylor Robson in tough competition for GOP nomination that echoes the dynamic between Trump and former Vice President Mike Pence. Trump supported Lake, and Pence along with with term- Seating-limited Republican Gov. Doug Ducey backed Taylor Robson. Trump and Pence held dueling rallies last month for Lake and Robson on same day.

Election - 2022, Arizona
And where vote sign points voters in in direction of polling place under the scorching sun down as Arizona voters go to the polls to cast their ballotsTuesday, August 2, 2022, in Phoenix.

Ross D. Franklin/AP

Trump has also endorsed a nominee for Speaker of the State House of Representatives Rusty Bowers, who testified in June in House Committee January 6 public hearing. Bowers term-limited out of this position but works for State Senate. A few days before the primaries Republican Party of Arizona voted formally denounce him for his testimony, the climax of frustrations felt by many on the far right with Bowers past rejection support Trump-backed attempts to cancel the 2020 election.

That year Bowers helped block a bill introduced by the Secretary of State of State candidate and current State Rep. Shonna Bolick to give legislatures the power to choose their own constituents, regardless of of how in people voted. For his actions former the president whipped out against him, calling the Speaker “RINO’s coward”, and supported him opponent, former State Senator David Farnsworth.


CBS News suggests that Attorney General Eric Schmitt, who was leading crowded field, wins Republican nomination for open seat in the senate in Missouri. Eric Greitens, former governor who resigned in 2018 and has faced accusations of domestic violence, led to early in in a race, but an $11 million publicity blitz by two anti-Greitens groups destroyed him.

the day before of primary, Trump issued a kind of division of endorsement in in race, throwing his support behind “ERICBoth Eric Schmitt and Eric Greitens were quick to state that won his support.

In Missouri’s 1st congressional district, incumbent Rep. Corey Bush who ousted longtime incumbent president in 2020 is facing several contenders. Newspaper Louis Post-Dispatch supported both Bush and opponent Steve Roberts writing that “too many deeply personal issues are likely to dominate voters.” decisions in in ways that would not necessarily be affected by editorial approval.”

Meanwhile three of 10 Republicans in the House of Representatives who voted to impeach Trump facing Trump-backed main contenders. Trump posted Tuesday on Truth Social urges Republican voters to “knock out slime of impeachment.”


In Michigan, Rep. Peter Meyer, a Republican freshman in the swaying area around Grand Rapids, Michigan, in tough race against John Gibbs former Trump era housing and urban development official.

in race take on Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, CBS News Project Tudor Dixon win nomination from the Republican Party. Trump-backed Dixon was viewed by Republican strategists as the strongest candidate to win. on Whitmer. Among the Republicans defeated by Dixon was Ryan Kelly, who was arrested in June due to his participation in in January 6 attack on US Capitol.

“Now we have the opportunity to really hold Gretchen Whitmer accountable. for the pain she caused on each one of us in in past three years,” Dixon said on night duty during the election. party in Grand Rapids, Michigan regarding lockdowns of schools introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic.


As well as in Washington top two vote-getters will advance to general elections regardless of of party belonging. Republican Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler in 3rd District and Dan Newhouse in 4th arrondissement both face in risk of Existence shut out because of Trump-backed challengers.


Kansas voted to keep abortion access vote “no” on in ability to amend the state constitution, noting first the time the state voted on abortion, as the Supreme Court ruled down Rowe vs Wade.

Kansas Democratic Party Chair Vicki Hyatt celebrated win for abortion access speaking in statement: “This result confirms that we know is true: Kansas want common sense of leadership that will protect their right to keep politicians out of their health care decisions.”

In 2019, the Kansas Supreme Court ruled that the right to abortion is protected. in state constitutional bill of rights. Voters decide whether allow the constitution is being amended in to ban the right to abortion.

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