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Interfaith Telangana couple attacked and killed a man and a woman brother escape

A couple of different faiths were attacked in a busy Transit in Hyderabad Wednesday night, leaving the man dead. The police arrested two people from the woman familywhile she is brother And brother-in-Law, who allegedly pregnant out The attackflee.

Nagarajo, 25, and his wife, Ashrine Sultana, 23 on On a motorbike when around 8.45pm, they were arrested near the Mandal Revenue Office in Sarurnagar. in Hyderabad by two peopleIt is said that her relatives who attack them with iron rod. As the couple fell to the ground, the attackers قام took out Knife and stabbing Nagaraju multiple times leading for him death. his wife twenty, who He was taken to hospital by passersby, and is reported to be stable.

CCTV footage released by the police shows twenty fight off attackers. She told the police that she recognized her elder brother who He stabbed Nagaraju despite her screaming for helpno one He came to save them. visuals show twenty fight off man in Blue shirt, I identified her as her brother. Only then did a few passers-by rushed out in to help, after which the two attackers fled.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Sridhar Reddy said the woman brother Mobin Syed and her brother-in- If Masoud Ahmed, who allegedly pregnant out The attackflee.

The police said that Nagarajo and twenty belonged to the village of Marbali in Vikarabad district in Telangana and Kant in Relationship for several years.

Twenty told the police that she family He was against marriage not only because Nagaraju was a Hindu but also also Because it belongs to Dalit Mala community. Then family turned down Nagarajo offered to marry her, Ashrin told the police. left Ha house on January 30 and married Nagaraju at Arya Samaj . Temple next day. On February 1, her family File a missing person complaint.

like Nagaraju body To the village, residents of The village of Marbali organized protests, describing them as hate crime.

On the same day, friends of the couple took them to meet the supervisor of police of Vikarabad district, where Nagaraju and Ashrin said they were adults and married voluntarily. as they were afraid for His life, Nagaraju family They approached the Moumbet police station, which is called Twenty . family Then advise them father And mother He agreed not to interfere in The life of the spouses.

Since they claim facing Threats from women familyThe couple moved to Visakhapatnam in Police in Andhra Pradesh said. Just a week ago they moved to Hyderabad, about 100 kilometers from their village of Marbali, and moved into a rented house. space. Nagaraju started working as a salesman in a four-wheeled showroom in The city.

Nagaraju B Ramadevi’s sister said to her brother Twenty have known each other since they were 10-11 years old. “They went to college together. Both of them of they fell in Love about five years ago. Then family I must know About their relationship, they prevented her from going out of The house. Even after their marriage in January, received threats from twenty family. We informed the police but they did not take any action. He was the sole breadwinner of Our family said.

When asked if Nagaraju family He filed a complaint about being threatened by a woman familyACP Reddy said, “It’s part of Investigation”.

Nagarajo’s friend, Talari Dania, said the couple were so adorable in love but they also They know they are not safe. “woman elder brother Mobin Syed was sworn in revenge The couple was very afraid of for him. Nagaraju was a very caring and loving person. It was concerned about twenty safety So every day while going to workwill do drop Ha off at his sister house in Sarurnagar. Wednesday night, he had chosen up Afrin were returning to their rented homes house in ‘The Brendavan colony when they were attacked,’ said Dania.

Police said they used CCTV footage to search out That two relatives of Women, including she brotherHe claims to have kept the watch on couple movements for At least two days before they were attacked on Wednesday night.

like Nagaraju body To the village, residents of The village of Marbali organized protests, describing them as hate crime.

The BJP issued a statement condemning killing as ‘religiously motivated hatred’ crimeBJP MLA T Raja Singh called for probe to find out if more people got involved in The murder. “there should Be an investigation to find out only if family Members involved or there were religious group advised family? ” He said.

Nagarajo was burned in On Thursday evening, the village was in the midst of a heavy police presence.


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