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Intel's new graphics cards won't limit cryptocurrency mining

Intel executives confirmed that their new line of graphics processing cards will have no limitations for cryptocurrency mining, although they will not have special capabilities for it either.

Intel representatives, Raja Koduri , General Manager for the Acceleration of Systems and Graphics; Roger Chandler, Vice President; and Jeff McVeigh, Vice President, told Gadgets360 their plans regarding the launch of the new graphics cards ( Graphic Processor Unit , GPU) Arc Alchemist.

In the interview, Intel indicated that they would not be including software or hardware configurations that could limit cryptocurrency mining with these GPUs. However, have not designed them to fulfill this function either , as the public gamer or fans of video games is their target market.

When asked whether Intel will limit cryptocurrency mining on the Alchemist family of GPU cards, both Roger Chandler and Raja Koduri responded that not.

What I will say is that Intel Arc and the Alchemist family of products were designed to be used primarily by gamers and creators. As for locks against software and things like that, we haven’t designed this product with any settings that specifically target miners. Regarding future actions to block miners, this is not a priority for us, this is a product that will be on the market and people will be able to buy it freely.

Roger Chandler, Vice President.


Intel enters as “third player” in the GPU market

For his part, Raja Koduri commented on another section of the interview that does not ensure that they can meet the high demand of the GPU market, and that they will move with caution in terms of having to increase supply .

Intel set a neutral position regarding this possible functionality of the new Arc Alchemist GPU cards, when competitors such as Nvidia have limited some of their cards so that they cannot be used for cryptocurrency mining.

Nvidia has made this decision for several of its products because there is a to high demand among miners of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, which depletes the existence for the public gamer , which Nvidia is targeting. However, some have managed to reverse or evade these locks, as we reported in CriptoNoticias.

This could imply that a phenomenon similar to that of Nvidia or AMD cards is repeated, which on previous occasions were exhausted by cryptocurrency miners, leaving the gamer market deprived of these products.

Nvidia has chosen to separately remove products from the cryptocurrency niche, such as the RTX 3090 GPU, and for its part, AMD would have ready a chip that added to their GPUs, could enable them to mine cryptocurrencies, according to the companies have claimed.

Intel is known worldwide for developing powerful microprocessors. Source: piqsels.com

Nevertheless, Intel leaves the doors open , entering to compete in the market for GPU cards for gamers that Nvidia and AMD have dominated in recent years.

This occurs in a context where global supply chains are congested , and there is a significant shortage in microprocessors and electronic components, making the race between them more bloody competitors.

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