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Inflation in the UK: what goods and services have risen in price in price and by how a lot of? | Inflation

Inflation last month bust double- digital barrier for hit 10.1% latest numbers show. Office for National statistics use the consumer price index to measure rising cost of life and also collects rising prices of individual goods and services.

Here is a breakdown showing how daily items shot up over in past year. In each case, the figure represents the percentage change in average price over 12 months to July 2022 and on many times rate rose to even higher level than in June.


Non-fat milk 34.0%
Butter 27.1%
Pasta and couscous 24.4%
Olive oil 23.6%
Margarine and other vegetable fats 22.5%
Jams, marmalades and honey 21.2%
Sauces, seasonings, salt, spices and culinary herbs 21.2%
Cheese and cottage cheese 17.9%
Ready-made nutrition 16.0%
Potato 15.7%
Eggs 14.6%
Yoghurt 14.2%
Pork 13.2%
Edible ice and ice cream 12.9%
Fish 12.8%
Bread 11.0%
Pizza and quiche 9.9%
Fruit 8.5%
Rice 6.7%
Sugar 5.1%


Mineral or spring water 22.0%
Fruit and vegetable juices 14.8%
Coffee 12.0%
Tea 10.2%
Soft drinks 7.7%
Beer 3.2%
Alcoholic drinks 3.1%
Wine 2.5%

Electricity, gas and other fuels

Liquid fuel 114.1%
Gas 95.7%
Electricity 54.0%
Solid fuel 26.9%


Clothing and footwear

Clothing accessories 7.7%
clothing for men 7.4%
clothing for babies and children 7.4%
Shoes for babies and children 7.3%
clothing for women 6.4%
Shoes for women 5.5%
Shoes for men 3.9%

A family items and furniture

Garden furniture 21.1%
Heaters and air air conditioners 18.2%
Irons 14.8%
Refrigerators, freezers and freezers 13.2%
Glass and porcelain products 12.8%
Cookers 8.5%
Bed linen 8.1%
Lighting equipment 7.9%
Carpets and rugs 4.9%


Used cars 8.6%
New cars 7.3%
Bicycles 6.1%
Motorcycles 2.3%

Passenger transport

By air 37.1%
By train 9.8%
By metro and trams 5.1%
By bus and coach 3.8%
By sea and inland waterways 3.0%

Hospitality and relaxation

Recreation centers, campsites and youth hostels 25.5%
Cinemas, theaters and concerts 14.0%
Fast food and takeaway services 10.3%
Restaurants and cafes 7.5%
Canteens 6.3%
Museums, libraries and zoos 5.0%

Other recreational items

Garden supplies 15.1%
Products for pets 13.7%
Sport equipment 11.7%
Veterinary and other services for pets 9.1%
Equipment for sports 8.6%
Plants and flowers 6.6%

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