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IndiGo CEO on boarding children with special needs: A tough decision

IndiGo said airline staff took “The best possible decision “.

New Delhi:

Little-cost Indigo Airlines on The two stood by decision no allow child with special Need on board one of its flights in Ranchi over The weekend after the big backlash and warning The Federal Aviation Minister offered to settle the dispute by purchasing an electric wheelchair for him.

Throughout the examination periodin And the process of boarding the plane is our intention of Of course it was pregnancy familyHowever, on the plane area The teenager was obvious in panic. While we provide courteous and compassionate service to our customers of of utmost importance to us and airport staff, in Line with The safety Guidelines, forced to make difficult decision About whether this disruption will pay off forward On board,” said a statement issued by IndiGo CEO Ronjoy Dutta.

“After looking at all aspects of This accident, we k organization be of The view that we made The best possible decision under difficult conditions.”

We express our sincerest apologies to those affected family for unfortunate experience And as small token of our appreciation of Their devotion will be for life like to offer to purchase electric wheelchair for they son,” Statement added.

Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia had earlier warned Indigo in Today, amid an escalating backlash, over the incident.

Directorate General of Aviation Regulation of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has also Ask IndiGo for a report.

The action came after the apocalyptic ordeal of The family It was widely shared on social mediawhich sparked outrage.

indigo, in In an earlier statement, he said the child posed a threat to other passengers’ safety. He said he was proud of it in Being “comprehensive” and refuting the suggestions of discriminatory behavior.

“at-view of The safety of Passengers, a child with special abilities can’t board Flight with for him family on May 7, as it was in Country of panic. Wait for the workers on the ground for him to calm down down Until last accurate, but to no avail.

Manisha Gupta, another passenger and witness to the scene, wrote about the accident in Facebook status post.

Indigo manager, Ms. Gupta said, continued to scream and tell everyone that “a baby is uncontrollable.”

“The only person who he is in “The panic is you,” Ms Gupta quoted one of her fellow passengers as responding to the airline. manager.

The familysaid the airline, I got a hotel stay, and they flew next morning to their destination.

a group of Doctors and travel on The same flight, offered to submit full support for the child and for him parents In the event of any seizure occur Midair Mrs. Gupta said in Ha post.

Mrs. Gupta noticed how Other passengers crowded around family.

they held up they mobile Mrs. Gupta said: with news articlesTwitter posts on Supreme Court rulings on how No airline can distinguish against Passengers with disabilities.

In those 45 minutes of controversy, anger, and quarrel, the three ( family) They did not lose their dignity or raised voice or speak one Mrs. Gupta said.


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