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India’s Jaishankar raises human rights concerns in US after Anthony Blinken’s note

Foreign Minister S Jaishankar with Minister of the United States of State of Anthony Blinken.

New Delhi:

In a sharp response to the US Secretary of State of Anthony Blinken’s recent comments on a “rise in Human rights violations” in India, Foreign Minister S Jaishankar said “people“It is entitled to have views on India’s policies but at the same time, New Delhi ‘has the same right’ to have views on it.

Minister of Foreign Affairs , in for him first official Reaction to the statements of the United States on Wednesday, also Seems to indicate hate attack on two sikhs men in New York.

in joint news Conference after 2 + 2 dialogue of Senior Ministers of the United States and India on Monday, US Secretary of Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said the United States is watching some recent “disturbing developments”. in India, including what he called a rise in “Human rights violations” by some government, police and prison officials.

Mr. Blinken was speaking with Mr. Jaishankar, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin before him side. Mr. Jaishankar did not respond to the notes at the conference but did. on Wednesday.

“research, people They are entitled to have views on us. but we are also Equally entitled to have views on their own and on interests, lobbyists and vote which banks drive which – which. So, when there is a discussion, I can tell you that we will not be reticent about talking out,” Mr Jaishankar said at a press conference, adding that human rights issue It wasn’t a topic of Discussion during the ministerial meeting.

“I would like to tell you that we also Take our views on Other people’s human rights situation, including of United State. Therefore, we take up a human rights issues as they arise in This country, especially when it comes to us community. And in factYesterday, we had a case… That’s really what we stand for on Foreign Minister said.

It was a clear reference to two Sikhs men attacker on Tuesday in Alleged hatred crime accident in Richmond Hills area of New York, United States. the two – who they were on Early in the morning walk They were attacked as reported at the same time location where a member of The community I was attacked about 10 days ago.

Minister of the United States of Country Comments on human rights in India was seen as a rare direct reprimand by Washington of New Delhi in the middle of discussions over India’s position on Ukraine Russian invasion.

Mr. Blinken had said: “We participate regularly with Our Indian partners on These common values ​​(of human rights) To this end, we are monitoring some recent developments of concern in India including a rise in Some human rights violations of the government, police and prison officials.”

US State Department, in Its 2021 Country Report on The Human Rights Practices, published yesterday, said there were “credible reports” of Human rights issues, including “extrajudicial killings by the Ministry of Defense.” government or its agents in India.

Mr. Jaishankar’s refutation was seen in Context of accidents of hate crimes against Indians community in United State. These accidents increased by “200%.” in In recent years,” according to New York State Assemblywoman Jennifer Rajkumar, first American Punjabi ever elected to the New York State Office.

In January, a Sikh taxi driver He was attacked at JFK International Airport, with The attacker allegedly called him ‘Dark people’ and told him to ‘go’ back to your country”.


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