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Indian faces racism sermon sermon in Poland, called parasite invader

The Indian man was praised for He does not lose his cool.

New Delhi:

video of A deranged Caucasian man harassing an Indian in Poland has left Internet boiling. From describing the Indian as a “parasitic invader” to accusing him of “F******” up Europe”, the man continues his unexplained sermon for four minutes in The widely shared video on social media.

“Why in You are Poland, there are so many of You are in America’s man says in Video, pointing to him camera in Indian.

The Indian man tells him not to take a picture and he tries avoid syllables who He continues to follow and abuse him.

Warning: The video contains profanity.

Not verified social media Users identified the man as John Minadio Jr., a neo-Nazi who hate heads group It is called Goyim TV which made Headlines earlier this year for drop flyers in The California Bay Area, which he blamed on the Jews for COVID-19 pandemic.

for him latest The stunt drew heavy criticism on reddit where one The user wrote, “American douche in Poland, describing the Indian man as an invasion, while standing outside Kentucky Fried Chicken. In English. You can’t make this level of stupidity up. “

“A man who is harassed is a saint for Do not knock crap out of Another said.

“Nazi in Poland blames others of Invade on annual of WW2 invasion? Another user wrote.

Some users recommended it for podium leaderboard for Most “penetrable” faces and noted that he was “(failed) former Actor and (worst) rapper”.

accident is latest Model of Dislikes against Indians abroad make headlines. In the past week, Indian-American in California used to be called ‘disgusting dirty Hindus’ dog” While in Texas group of women They were told, “Go! backBecause they were ‘destroying’ America.

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