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India test fires second nuclear capable missile in 10 days

Approximately 10 days after doing the routine test of Nuclear-capable Agni missile, India on I got pregnant on Wednesday out a test on Its other nuclear capable missile, Prithvi.

The government He said in Statement that “successful training launch of The Prithvi-II short-range ballistic missile was carried out It’s 7.30 pm on Wednesday of the integrated test range in Chandipur, Odisha.

“The missile is proven system able of hitting targets with very high of accuracy,” adding that “the launch of user training successfully Validation of all operational and technical parameters of missile”.

Prithvi-II Local developed A surface-to-surface missile, which contains range of About 250 km can carry one-ton payload.

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The test It comes days after India tested its Agni-IV medium-range ballistic missile on June 6, which can reach 4000 km. After launching Routine User Training test of Agni-IV, the government He said that successful test ‘India confirms’ policy of Obtain a minimum credible deterrent capability.”

The tests come at a time when there seems to be a global renewal of nuclear capabilities.



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