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India successfully 450 km tests range BrahMos missile from a Sukhoi fighter | India news

New Delhi: In a demonstration of deadly Accurate strike ability from long distances, India on Thursday successfully I tested the extended range BrahMos supersonic cruise missile from the Sukhoi-30MKI combat aircraft in Gulf of Bengal.
“This is the first the time new BrahMos missile with strike range of over 450 km (original range 290 km) from air. Sukhoi with a combat radius of Nearly 1,500 kilometers without midair refueling, combined with The 450 km range BrahMos missile is formidable weapons package,” a senior defense official TOI said.
“The Sukhoi-BrahMos lethal combination gives the IAF the strategic strength of reach and punch against Land or sea targets over very long ranges” added. These air can carry ground-based BrahMos missiles out precise strokes on high value military Underground nuclear targets, bunkers, command and control centers on Land aircraft carriers and other warships on high seas.
A 800 km range alternative of BrahMos, a conventional (non-nuclear) missile that flies almost three times times The speed of sound In Mach 2.8, it is also It is currently undergoing “developmental trials”. tested for The first time from timer test range in balasur in January, this type of missile will be ready for Production until the end of 2023.
The airbred BrahMos breathed as a “prime traditional strike weapon for Armed forces over the years, with shrinkage worth over 36000 crores already inky so far. Army Brahmos missile batteries, for For example, it was posted in Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh as part of Overall military standby mode against China.
In the test on Thursday, Sukhoi from the squadron “Tiger Sharks” took off from Thanjavur air base in Tamil Nadu, underwent a mid-air refueling and then fired the missile at a ‘selected target’ in Gulf of Bengal. “It was live hit,” else official She said.
Among the 262 double seats”air Sukhois . domination in IAF, which was contracted from Russia for over $12 billion, 42 fighters are being armed with The 2.5-ton BrahMos missiles following the structural, electrical, mechanical and . requirements software Defense modifications PSU Hindustan Aeronautics. The land and sea types of missiles weigh about 3 tons each.
with India joining The 34-nation Missile Technology Control System (MTCR) in June 2016,”caps” on The original 290 km range of BrahMos . missiles developed together with It was Russia removed. The Missile Technology Control Regime basically prevents proliferation of Missiles and drones over The range of 300 km.


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