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India calls on Canada to condemn and halt the November 6 Khalistan referendum | India latest news

India asked Canada to condemn the so-called “Khalestan referendums” by outlawed terrorists organization “Sikh for justice” on November 6 in Ontario and work against those who promote terror and violence against biggest democracy in The world. I asked Justin Trudeau government To stop the so-called referendum and ensure That there is no Canadian government property used to sow hate or call for hnf against Indian people.

Tuesday, High Commission in Ottawa served a step” on Executive Director of Global Affairs Canada in Ontario reported that November 6 so-called referendum in Paul Coffee Arena in Mississauga will be second Illegal practice after SFJ regulations prohibited other such practice on September 18 in Brampton, Ontario. India has informed Canada that such anti-India activities are being promoted by violent terrorist organizations advocate The killing of innocent civilians.

Despite its high commission, New Delhi reminded Justin Trudeau government that both of countries have agreed in highest levels, not allow The use of their lands for Activities harmful to the security of each and national benefit. Canadian government may have been transferred earlier in writing To New Delhi that it does not recognize such “referendums” by note verbale on September 16, 2022.

New Delhi in fact I asked the Canadian government to denounce in more powerful terms Such attempts to encourage violence and threaten territorial integrity of India. Trudeau asked government to me ensure Canadian territory is not used for Activities that promote terrorHanf against The people of India is undermining her national Safety.

while the Canadian government It is expected to resort to plea He can’t stop free streaming of Views as part of Liberal speech, the Indian High Commission informed its counterparts that the referendum organizers are trying to attract Indians community And the extremism of Sikh students by asking them to do so vote in November 6 exercise. he pointed out that awareness of The organizers to recruit Indian students was a matter of Serious concern as this action by banned SFJ will politicize Indian students by dividing them on Regardless of religious lines politics To campus and spoil the peace environment.

While India time and again I asked Canada and the United States to take action against SFJ terrorist leader GS Pannu through security and diplomatic channels, the two countries The other seemed inexplicably way.

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