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In the United States there are more and more opportunities to work with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

The United States, which seems to be distancing itself from the path of China and its ban on Bitcoin, is experiencing an increase in the number of jobs in the field of cryptocurrencies. More and more companies are willing to hire specialists in this area in response to the growing market.

The Bloomberg news portal, made a compilation, from the hand of LinkedIn, on the number of vacancies related to the space of cryptocurrencies that are currently published on this social network.

One of the main results that this study reveals is that large capitals, such as New York and San Francisco, cities that have historically brought together companies in the area of ​​technology and finance, now seem to lose power. Miami, for example, where its mayor has openly proclaimed himself bitcoiner, has begun to have a boom in companies looking for employees within the area of ​​crypto assets .

As the Bloomberg note highlights, this appears to be a symptom of “decentralization” in terms of the scope of cryptocurrency jobs.

The study in question, he was in charge of reviewing vacancies that included keywords such as “Bitcoin”, Blockchain “,” Ethereum “, even about the programming language of smart contracts” Solidity “.

Among the cities that are showing the highest growth in the field of jobs in cryptocurrencies is Austin. Elon Musk, billionaire tycoon and character who has been involved in the Bitcoin ecosystem on several occasions , has decided to move his Tesla car company to this city in Texas.

Table on the growth of jobs in the area of ​​crypto assets for the years 2019, 2020 and 2021. Source: Bloomberg.

Together with Tesla, who has not yet decided whether to accept again bitcoin as a means of payment, several mining companies have begun to install their bases of operations in the state of Texas. In recent days, the news was released that the mining companies Bitdeer and Riot Blockchain are struggling to consolidate their position in the city of Rockdale, Texas.

Interestingly, Bitdeer, is a subsidiary company of the Chinese mining giant , Bitmain, which was seriously affected by the recently published anti-bitcoin policies.

Remote work, one possibility

COVID-19 has given impetus to remote work or teleworking. According to recent data, after the health crisis, in the United States more than 80% of companies, which opened temporary jobs during the pandemic, will keep them.

Companies have bet on remote work no longer as a possibility , but as a reality. Diogo Monito, co-founder of the technology and cryptocurrency services company, Anchorage Digital, mentions that “cities and states , with lower taxes, great infrastructure and quick access to an international airport, they will benefit from fully remote work. ”

Umbrel, for example, company dedicated to the development of Umbrel OS, operating system for Bitcoin node management, he recently posted that he would be hiring new staff. For to apply it is not required to have some type of certification or title , the important thing is «knowledge».

For now On LinkedIn and other job platforms, you can find vacancies for remote work in the area of ​​cryptocurrencies. However, it remains to be seen how far the rise of cryptocurrency companies in the United States could go.

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