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In the murder of Dalit’s father’s sisters in Lakhimpur Khairi, the sixth arrest in the face of

Junaid, one of six Accused in Lakhimpur rape-murder of Two sisters Dalit, after him arrest.

Lakhimpur Khiri (Uttar Pradesh):

One of The main Accused in rape and murder of two teenage sisters in Lakhimpur Kheri was arrested this morning after a confrontation, in who was shot by the police in his right leg. video shows The police brought the injured soldier out of field limp and gets help From two policemen.

Police said Junaid – last of The six men arrested – was one of the two who we are friends with Girls and get them to come with they on Motorcycles. the girls’ family He said that there was no such friendship and that they were kidnapped. The bodies were hanging on a tree found Yesterday near their village.

Police said a man named Choto introduced the girls to Junaid and Sohail. “these two men took To the sugar cane plantation yesterday, where they raped them. After the girls said that they now had to marry them, they got angry. with help Who Hafez strangled the girls? death. Then they called Karim al-Din and Arif, who Help them hang the girls to make them look like suicide” area Police Chief Sanjeev Suman.

While Choto is from the victims’ neighborhood, the other five are from a nearby village. “With these six “All those involved have been arrested,” the police chief said.

the girls’ father have demanded death penalty for they. Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) state government saying the case will be prosecuted in a fast-The court, has promised “such a work that souls of their coming generations He will tremble.”

The opposition, including the BSP and the Samajwadi Party, have also cited and described previous cases crime as such “latest Evidence – proof of how Law and order collapsed in Uttar Pradesh.

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