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In the murder of a Rajasthan child Dalit, a new crisis for Ashok Gilot: 10 facts

nine-year-Indra’s boy got injured on his eyes and ears. he died on August 13.

Dalit was born death in Rajasthan after his teacher allegedly assaulted him for It means drinking water from a pot for The “upper classes” threaten to turn into a political crisis for ruling Congress.

Here is the 10 latest Developments in this is story:

  1. Besides BJP attacks, Ashok Gilot government he is also facing The heat from within its ranks.

  2. Panachand Meghwal, MLA Congress of Baran-Atru, sent his resignation to Chief MinisterHe said he was badly injured before death of 9-year-Old student. Reporting class crimes in State, accused the police of Don’t act fast enough.

  3. Congress leader Sachin Pilot, who rebellion Two years ago he had threatened to bring down Mr. Jahlot governmenthe is on The way To Galore district to meet the boy family.

  4. “We have to put an end to the accidents,” he added like Galore. We have to confirm people of The Dalit community we stand for with Mr. Pilot said government Take appropriate action and you will do it in The future like that. we should Don’t politicize issue like This is it added.

  5. Determined not to allow Mr. Pilot to pull the political miles in view of the uneasy armistice, the Chief Minister rush now senior Cabinet Ministers and State Congress Speaker Govind Singh Dutasra to Galore.

  6. nine-year-Indra’s boy got injured on His eye and ear after his teacher hit him for Drinking water from the vessel is called the upper layers used. After the July 20 accident in a private School, was taken to hospital in Ahmedabad in Gujarat. there he died last week.

  7. The police arrested the teacher and charged him with murder Under the strict law that protects castes and tribes in India.

  8. FIR registered in the case says Indra was ‘naive and didn’t know Fate has been set aside for The teacher from the upper class said, “. Teacher Shail Singh said to the boy, ‘You are of a lower caste. How dare you drink water from a vase!’ Then he crushed it, ‘fir says.

  9. talking to media and Chief Minister Ashok Gilot said he instructed the officials ensure Quick investigation of the case. Justice will be guaranteed to the victim family As soon as possible ” of 5 lakh rupees.

  10. target country governmentBJP child said death shameful. When will Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi propose Vadra to Mr. Gilot ensure justice for Dalits in Rajasthan,” the BJP tweeted.

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