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In the list of busters of Bengaluru, Wipro, Prestige and other big names

Bengaluru experienced heavy flooding after heavy rain last week (PTI)


notable builders, developers And the tech gardens among list of Alleged infringements who Closed up About 700 rainwater drains in Bengaluru that led to last week flood in slash of The city.

The list They include Wipro, Prestige, Eco Space, Bagmane Tech Park, Columbia Asia Hospital and Divyashree Villas, found NDTV, who accessed a file list of Infringements with prominent names. He. She also It seems that while the demolitions on in full swing for common Characteristics of man, giants have not yet been touched upon.

NDTV engineers who spoke to them said on condition of Anonymity that they will do also Do not spare. But the work is not done yet begin. “we moving one after the other. But there is a file clear delay that we see on a land,” one of They told them.

destroy drivealthough it was carried on Building of nalabad academy of international school in East Bengaluru, who belongs to the leader of The opposition Congress was his biggest critic of Karnataka BJP government over floods. The school belongs to Congress Youth President Muhammad Nalabad.

Requested how The encroachment by the school went unnoticed, Malathi, Chief Engineer who He was overseeing the demolition, and blamed it on the Revenue Department.

“We didn’t know. This comes under the revenue section. that they should I kept the check. “Now we are demolishing the infringement,” she told NDTV.

demolition in residential areaMeanwhile, it was on Where last week, though any official The number has not yet been arrive.

in the eastern part of Bengaluru, the border wall of four floors building It was razed to the ground while the residents were inside homes on Tuesday.

Building owner Dinesh Reddy claimed he took “all necessary permissions” before moving forward with Building.

“This rainwater drain exists for For a long time, despite knowing this, the authorities gave me permission to build building. I didn’t violate anything rules. They came without warning and demolished the complex wall,” He said.

NDTV questioned the executive engineer supervising the demolition, who He denied that any permission had been granted for Building.

“this is building He has no punishment plan and they have violated the laws and established on “Rainwater drainage,” said executive engineer Moni Reddy.

Many residents said they did not receive any advance notice of demolish and found out About that only when they heard the bulldozers in a job.

“They didn’t report us. We have not been informed. When the demolition started we were inside our homes Alok, one of the residents said of four floors building that have been demolished.

“I was asleep. I had finished the night shift fast sleeping. I woke up up Suddenly loud noise of said Praveen, another resident.

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