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In the edition of Bilkis Bano Convicts, 5 out of 10 panel members were linked to the BJP

Version of convicts real-world Ramifications for Balqis Bano and her family.


five of 10 members of Advisory Committee of Gujarat government who recommended his release of 11 convicts in The Bilkeis Banu case has links with At BJP and NDTV found. Based on on recommendation men convicted of gangrape and murder out of prison This Independence Day in the shadow of outdated forgiveness policy of the state.

that official The document that lists the members of Advisory Committee shows It featured two BJP MLAs, a member of BJP Executive Committee and two others, who be also linked to party.

One of Theirs, Vinita Lele, is listed as a file social Worker on the document. but she social media Profile personly says she is a member of Bharatiya Janata Party.

else “social Agent’ is Pavanbhai Soni. BJS web page, however, shows is a member of State Executive Committee of The party.

After multiple calls and even a visit to him homeNDTV caught up with him in his own shop. Address and contact number are included on BJP in Gujarat website.

while refusing to speak on In the matter, he did not deny his involvement or the involvement of others in Committee or BJP.

Sardarsingh Patel is another person.”social Agent’ is listed as a member of The Commission. he is also Said to be a member of Bharatiya Janata Party. NDTV got its contact number from the BJP office in Godhra.

Other members include CK Raulji of BJP, MLA of Godhra and Sumaben Chauhan, MLA of Kalol.

In addition to politically connected committee members also Including the prison director, the district police superintendent, the chief district judge, a district social welfare officer, and was headed by the district judge of Panchmahal.

Panchmal District Judge Sujal Maitra said the commission had not been set up to specifically look into this case. It was a list jail The advisory committee that considered these exemption requests.

Refused to say whether the recommendation for Version of 11 convicts were unanimous, he recommended remission consideration various Factors like the time they spent in jailtheir behavior within and outside The prison.

Asked if he considers gravity of Their crimes before making a recommendation, refused comment.

The district judge reiterated that their recommendation stood on Gujarat government forgiveness 1992 policy And they finally gave their recommendations to the state of mayo.

1992 policy She had no restrictions on early release of convicts of Rape or sentenced to life imprisonment, unlike subsequent policies in In both the state and the center.

Instructions of the Federal Ministry of the Interior for a special forgiveness policyissued in June, according to life sentences and convicts of rape should Forgiveness is not granted under policy.

The latest guiding rules in Gujarat, chest in 2014, also It has similar limitations on forgiveness for convicts of rape and murder.

Version of convicts real-world Ramifications for Balqis Bano and her family. Only NDTV can meet her husband Jacob Rasool, this is also at A public place.

“You are a big channel, but we can’t even tell you where they are,” Jacob said, referring to the fear that has gripped them since their release. of The men.

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