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in RSS eventAdityanath Yogi Lists highlights: No Eid Namaz on road and speakers

Eid namaz was not performed on roads for The first the time in top and “the size of The mosque loudspeaker has disappeared downIn the wake of the recent state crackdown, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said: on Sunday while referring to the owner government keep power in This election year.

was speaking in event Organized to celebrate 75 years of Organizer of RSS and Panchjanya magazines.

Other BJP Chief Ministers also speak in event with Goa Pramod Sawant is calling for temples destroyed in The past to rebuild it and Pushkar Singh Dhami of Uttarakhand repeats that his state will constitute “special Committee “For the Implementation of the Uniform Civil Code.

Prime Ministers of Manipur (In Birn Singh), Himachal Pradesh (Jai Ram Thakur) and Haryana (ML Khattar) mostly talked about various government schemes and development projects in their countries.

Adityanath noted that the BJP retained power in UP, talked about by the government in particular in Law and order in Context of sectarian clashes occur in Some other countries are in the middle of a chain of Religious Celebrations last Month.

“In many states, there were riots after the elections over. There were no riots in during or after the elections.

“After forming of The governmentRam Navami Celebrated with enthusiasm. Hanuman Jayanti Celebrations passed off safely. This is the same where small The cases led to riots. By now, you must have seen for The first The time when there is no Eid Namaz on roads. By now, you must have heard that either size of The mosque loudspeaker has disappeared down or loudspeaker removed completely. Now these speakers are donated to schools and hospitals for they use,” He said.

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Volumes of more than 1 speakers have been changed down or was removedHe said.

Adityanath also wire on The issue of stray cattle in state and detail steps taken by him government. “You might remember that when government Came to me power in Country shut down All illegal slaughterhouses. But there were dire consequences of This is what we had to put up with. of stray cattle roaming on roads and in He said.

Earlier, they were smuggled to illegal slaughterhouses. to counter this challengewe set up over 5600 shelter for stray cattle. we also Preparation up a new model Where do we make compressed natural gas? cow dung, which will be purchased at 1 rupee per kilogram from people. We have taken all it takes steps to protect the cows.

Talk about Adityanath how a “grand Ram temple ‘being built in Ayodhya, “Greatness” with which renovated the Kashi Vishwanath temple complex, and new Life is injected into pilgrimage sites such as Mathura, Vrindavan and Chitrakoot.

according to Chief MinisterUP . started moving towards becoming number 2 economy in country underdouble government . engine with The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is at the helm in center too.

“In 70 years, UP has reached sixth place among economies in Country. In the last 70 years per capita income of UP stayed the fourth one of Countries. In the past Five years, we doubled it. at ease of a job businessUP has climbed up to number 2 in Country. And in facilitates of living, in 44 charts, UP is No. 1. maximum Infrastructure development Happen or occur in UP and the state is now known as a highway,” he said.

Gua Chief Minister Sawant told him government she has made budget allocation for renovation of temples destroyed from the Portuguese.

In 450 years of Portuguese rulethere was destruction of Hindu culture abounds people it’s been transferred. temples of was the state destroyed. We will rejuvenate everyone of Them… I think wherever there are temples in destroyed condition, hmm should He said.

Sawant said that beyond the beaches, Goa government He was promoting cultural and spiritual tourism in Outback and Persuasion people to go to the temples. In every village a couple of temples. We have to take people From the beach to the temple.

Sawant Goa said already He has a uniform civil code, and has urged other states to implement it. We discussed Goa UCC with Other Prime Ministers also’ he said. Goa government he is also a job on resumption of mining in State said.

Dami from Uttarakhand said that apart from moves To bring in Uniform Civil Code, a special drive It was on To identify intruders and have anti-transformation law made “more powerful”.

We have decided to form a committee on Uniform Civil Code. The committee will have legal experts and stakeholders. We will implement the draft submitted by the committee … We will implement the Uniform Civil Code for Who are we making preparations for? want other countries for follow He said during the interaction with Hitch Shankar, Editor of Panchgania.

Asked about “Intruders” like “Rohingya” or those who have criminal Settlement of records down in Dami said: We conducted surveys and special drive by the police also on to select these items.

(with Avishek Dastedar)


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