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In numbers… the victims of the war and the Houthi siege on Taiz in 6 years

A Yemeni human rights report revealed that more than 17,326 civilians were killed or wounded in Taiz governorate, at the hands of the Houthi coup militia, during the period from March 2015 to the end of 2020, including 3,916 children, 1,527 women and 1,053 elderly people.

The report issued by the (independent) Taiz Human Rights Center indicated that documented figures and statistics indicate that 3,590 civilians, including 761 children, 347 women and 289 elderly people were killed, and 13,736 others, including 3,155 children, 1,180 women and 764 elderly, were injured as a result of the bombing and sniping carried out by the militia. Al-Houthi during the six years of its war on Taiz.

In numbers… the victims of the war and the Houthi siege on Taiz in 6 years

The report stated that the Houthi missile and artillery shelling on residential neighborhoods and public gathering places within the besieged areas in Taiz governorate alone caused the death of 1462 Civilians, including 443 children, 180 women and 134 elderly people, in addition to wounding 8,996 others, including 2,245 children, 794 women and 495 elderly.

Houthi snipers in Taiz governorate since the beginning of the war until the end of last year killed 983 civilians, including 171 children, 90 women, 80 elderly people, and 1,103 others were injured among They are 286 children, 142 women and 66 old men.

With regard to mines and explosive devices planted by the Houthi militia in Taiz during the same period, the report confirmed that they also killed 486 civilians, including 78 children, 51 women and 19 elderly, and wounded 722 others, including 126 children, 62 women and 28 elderly, and the number of people with permanent disabilities reached 320, including 312 injured who lost one or both of their lower or upper limbs, in addition to the loss of 9 people with vision and 3 others with a sense of hearing.

The report, entitled “The Humanitarian File, Taiz.. Siege, Killing, Ignoring”, monitored the effects of the Houthi siege imposed on the city of Taiz, and its repercussions on the economic, living, health, social and humanitarian situation.

The report accused , the UN envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths, and the international community for ignoring the “humanitarian file” in Taiz and the “siege” imposed by the Houthis on the city for six years.

He explained that the city of Taiz is under the unjust siege imposed by a group Al-Houthi, by setting up dozens of checkpoints and checkpoints to prevent entry to the most basic needs of the population.

The report called a militia Al-Houthi called to quickly end the siege on Taiz and allow the flow of humanitarian aid and return all the looted humanitarian and relief aid and aid that was detained at checkpoints, and demanded it to stop immediately all hostilities, violations and crimes against the civilian population in Taiz, including the missile and artillery shelling and sniping.

He also called on the legitimate government to include the humanitarian file in Taiz Governorate as a top priority in any negotiations, dialogues or consultations related to the war in Yemen.

The report called on the United Nations to announce a clear position And Sareeh condemns the siege imposed by the Houthi group on the residents of Taiz Governorate and puts pressure on the group to quickly lift the siege “as an important step to prove goodwill and link this to the opening of Sana’a Airport.”

He also called on the United Nations to intensify its relief and humanitarian efforts from In order to alleviate the suffering of those affected by the war in Taiz Governorate and to save the displaced from a real humanitarian disaster.

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