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In Nitish Kumar’s move, he nodded to rival Tegashwi Yadav, and Snub in favor of Ally BJP

Caste Census: Bihar Chief Minister It seems unlikely that Nitish Kumar will succumb to BJP pressure.


Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said today government Will be soon start work on Class census after taking opinions of All parties support opposition leader Chachoi Yadav demand in for him latest Contempt for the BJP’s ally.

all-party Meets on Weighted class census on He said May 27.

“We will call Everyone party A meeting to take everyone’s opinions on class census. Then the proposal is presented to the Council of Ministers. We’ve talked to some parties on conduct the meeting on 27 (May) but we’re waiting for Some parties to respond. distance final decisionthe proposal will go to the Cabinet and then we will do it start work,” President minister to reporters.

“We’ve started talking with all party. Not everyone is on board. we are waiting for “They responded,” Nitish Kumar said.

Deputy Tarkishore Prasad of BJP who It was in the same place as Chief MinisterIt was non-binding media Questions on Whether the BJP approved with Nitish Kumar on class census.

We will discuss and consider it various aspects,” Mr. Prasad told reporters.

Center government It has long been stated that stratification is a divisive practice. But political parties in Bihar argue that knowledge of the caste constitution of The population will lead to better policies help Most neglected in the society.

else yeardelegation of Bihar politicians, including Nitish Kumar as well as Tejashwi Yadav of the opposition RJD party, were met with Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the press for class census.

The last Counting was performed on the basis of stratification in 1931. That was under British rule rule And when it was Bihar, Jharkhand and Odisha one Character.


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