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In names … 4 lists competing for new positions of authority in Libya

4 lists have nominated to compete for the new executive authority positions in Libya whose birth will be officially announced on Friday, and which is supposed to lead the country through a transitional phase until elections are held at the end of this year.

A day later. Arduous negotiations and the conclusion of alliances, 4 lists were formed, each one comprising 4 people representing the three regions that make up the country (Tripoli, Fezzan, and Cyrenaica), 1 for prime minister and 3 for membership of the Presidency Council, in which it was agreed that the Cyrenaica region would take over the presidency of the Presidential Council and the Tripoli region. For the presidency of the government, while a candidate from Tripoli and another from Fezzan will be members of the presidency.

The first and second list

The first electoral list also includes Muhammad al-Barghati. Ali Abu Al-Hajj and Idris Al-Qaid are members of the Presidency Council, while Khaled Al-Ghuwail will compete for the position of Prime Minister.

In the second list, Muhammad Al-Manafi was nominated as Chairman of the Presidential Council, Abdullah Al-Lafi and Musa Al-Koni for membership in the Presidency And Abdel Hamid Dabaiba to head the government.

The third and fourth

With regard to the third list, the speaker of Parliament And the candidate for the presidency of the Presidential Council, Agila Saleh, teamed up with Osama al-Juwaili and Abdul Majeed Saif al-Nasr for membership in the Council and with the Minister of the Interior of the Government of National Accord Fathi Bashagha to head the government, in order to share executive positions.

In the fourth list, the candidate for the presidential council is allied. Al-Sharif Al-Wafi with Abd al-Rahman al-Balazi and Omar Abu Shreda to be his two deputies, and with the candidate for prime minister, Muhammad al-Muntasir.

According to the mechanism for selecting the executive authority, the list that will win must obtain 60 percent of the votes of the members of the Forum for Political Dialogue and their number 75 If this is not possible, the two lists receiving the most votes will enter a second round of voting, in which the list receiving more than 50 percent of the vote wins.


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