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in latest police trick reduce speeding

Tweet from @SurreyRoadCops, traffic police team for The Surrey police said: “We are definitely not drop police markers on Waze on random points on our patrol, no, never.”

it featured winking emoji indicating reverse true before adding: “Easy way get drivers slow down down on our roads – thank you @waze.

This led to several angry comments accusing force of “creating phantom units”, “put false information” on application “lying” and changing computer entries “to deceive other users”.

The police twitter account says that location the alerts were “technically not false”like officers” are at this very specific point in time”.

it added: “Nowhere on Waze says the patrol must stand still.”

After assuming that the marker will removed from Waze, as soon as other users report that there are no more officers, force wrote that he checked his tactics and it “works for about 10-20 minutes”, adding: “Every little thing helps” and “doing this for years and we know it is working”.

Rejection of claim that such tactics distracted from police work of catching criminals, Surrey Road Police team said: “Our teams concentrated on traffic offense. There are several others teams who equally focused on burglaries, robbers, thieves and drug dealers.”

Edmund King, President of AA president said “real issue” with Surrey Police use of Waze was “a huge cut in cops in cars”.

Home office numbers show number of full- equivalent time of traffic police officers in England and Wales fell 22 percent in in past seven years, from 5,237 in March 2015 to 4102 in March 2022.

Mr. King added: “We know what speed camera signs and interactive emoticon face signs affect driver behavior and slow down some drivers down.

” use of police markers on Waze to show police presence just modern equivalent of a speed camera sign.”

He added: “With five deaths a day on our roads, it’s hard to argue with police tactics which is potentially slow drivers down and save lives. Law-abiding motorists have nothing to worry about.

“Ultimately we would like see more cops in cars in reduce wider crime but in meanwhile, the police must do their best to make the roads safer.”

Previously it year freedom of information request to police nationwide found what out of 1092 fixed camera sites, only 523 actually worked.

Some areas such as North Yorkshire, Durham and Northamptonshire did not have fixed speed the cameras work at all.

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