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In front of the camera, a mentally ill elderly man was assaulted in Madhya Pradesh; Found dead later

The case has been registered in Nimouche neighborhood of Madhya Pradesh


a murder The case has been registered in Madhya Pradesh after losing 65-yearOld or old with was mental illness found dead A video clip showed a man asking him if his “name is Muhammad” and repeatedly assaulting him as he struggled to respond.

The case has been registered in Nemosh district. attacker in The video has been identified as Dinesh Kushwaha and has been named main Accused. Kushwaha is husband of a former Bharatiya Janata Party Member.

Police said the elderly man, Bhanwarlal Jain, is from Sarsi in Ratlam neighborhood and disappeared on May 15 after a religious visit event in Rajasthan. After a missing complaint, the police put out Attention with picture. for him body It was found on On the road side in Nemokh district yesterday. it has been delivred over for him family They have performed last ritual.

The family Then he came to know of the video. the video shows Mr. Jin is sitting on a bench As towers like a oasis over for him. “What’s your name? Muhammed?” The old man asks and slaps him across face. Say your name correctly, show Your Aadhaar card,” he is adds.

Presents the old man, clearly terrifying money. This infuriates the attacker and slaps him senior non-stop citizen on for him head and ears. 65-year-old seems to be struggling to understand the situation in. lifts his shirt and hidden The pocket can be seen. he is again Trying to show the attacker money Because the latter keeps slapping him hard.

After the horrific video appeared, family Individuals of Jin arrived at the police station and immediately called Koshuaha arrest.

kuala lumpur dangi, in-the shipment of The police station where the flight report was kept said the video may have been filmed on Thursday.

State Home Minister Narutam Mishra said a case has been registered under oaths of murder And death by neglect.

The opposition criticized the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) after the video appeared. Congress accused MLA Jitu Patwari BJP of Oven lighting of I hate it.”

Big party Chief Digvijaya Singh said the case has been filed but remains To see if the work will follow.

Bharatiya Janata State secretary Rajneesh Agrawal said: The accident is unfortunate. The accused is accused and has nothing to do with party politics. Nobody of The people concerned in The state will prevent such action government. “


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