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In a letter to CJP Arshad Sharif mother formation of requests of judicial commission of inquiry sonx killing – Pakistan

mother of journalist Arshad Sharif killed in letter to chief judge of Pakistan (CJP) Umar Ata Bandial written on Wednesday, requested formation of powerful judicial commission to investigate her sonx murder.

Sharif was shot dead in Kenya allegedly by local police on night of October 23, with en official police statement later expressing “regrets on accident” and said that an investigation was underway.

Originally Kenyan media quotes local police as saying that Sharif was shot dead dead police in happening of “wrong identity”.

However, messages from the Kenyan media later reconstructed events around killing, saying that the lodger in Sharif car at that time of his killing allegedly shot at paramilitary general service unit (GSU) officers.

government subsequently formed team research killing. Originally a three-member body including the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) director Athar Wahid, Deputy Director General of the Intelligence Agency Omar Shaheed Hamid and Lieutenant Colonel Saad Ahmed of The Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) was formed. Later, the team size was reduced from three to two. with exception of ISI official.

On Monday the federal cabinet on request of Ministry of Protection, also approved the constitution of a three-person panel chaired by Judge Abdul Shakur Paracha and including an additional inspector general of Police officers Usman, Anwar and Hamid – to “investigate the facts” of in death.

However, the letter available with Dawn.com — from Sharif mother Riffat Ara Alvi argued that ” real the reasons of they are hiding the case” and should be brought to the attention of light.

She claimed it was obvious for three reasons:

  • Kenyan police change their stance on in death “Three to four times”.
  • Federal ministers broadcast “various fabricated stories” about death before the investigation team went to Kenya.
  • Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif initially announced that Islamabad’s Supreme Court would be asked to appoint a senior judicial commission, only to then form a commission consisting of a retired judge and two government officials, which indicates government”unscrupulous intentions”.

She is also it was claimed that government “pressed and forced” the UAE government expel Sharif.

Alvey asked CJP to protect murder the matter does not become controversial, to ensure justice deceased and appoint an influential judicial commission, “so that the feeling of insecurity among family members … together with journalist community take care of”.

She said that the Judicial Commission should turn on senior The Supreme Court ruled “to determine real motive and identify criminals behind it’s disgusting crime”.

“Just knowing real motive and criminals and bringing them to justice put an end to the agony of Martyr Arshad Sharif family and his journalistic brethren”, a letter to the chief justice stated.

Alvi said it would be her.first and also the last letter of request justice and hoped that due attention would be given to it, since of gravity of a business”.

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