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In 2030 all Fiats will be (only and only) electric

Italian brand will start leaving combustion engines in 2025

Fiat announced that in 2030 all its models will be exclusively electric, in a process which started with the new 500 and will have a new decisive phase in 2025.

The new 500 in its exclusively electric version will be sold alongside the combustion versions of its previous one. ‘ and this model is the emblem of the decision to start abandoning combustion engines in just over three years.


“Between 2025 and 2030, our product line will gradually become exclusively electric. This will be a radical change for Fiat”, said the CEO of the Italian brand, Olivier François, during an online conference in Milan, in these statements conveyed by «Autocar».

The responsible for the brand explained that “the decision to launch the new 500 – only electric – was taken before the covid-19”, as Fiat was already aware of the “urgency to do something for planet Earth”.

New Fiat electric models were not revealed on this occasion, but they remained guarantees that increasing the availability of charging stations is also a priority. In its environmental path, the Italian brand will also convert the roof of the Lingotto factory, in Turin, into a garden with 28,000 plants to improve air quality.


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