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Imran’s march was aimed at creating anarchy: Attaullah Tarar

LAHORE: Special Assistant to Prime Minister Attaullah Tarar says Pakistani Chairman Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan’s long march aims to create unrest and anarchy in country.

Press conference speech here on On Saturday, he said that Imran Khan would not come to Islamabad. for holding a peaceful long march, but this was aimed at disrupting. Referring to recent firing security guard incident of PTI MNA, Tarar said armed groups ahead of there was a long march ahead, and this did not happen without permission of head of PTI like him wanted see chaos in country.

Imran Khan himself said that when he comes to Islamabad, there will be chaos, he said, adding that all these things show sick intentions of head of PTI He said that Imran Khan performance was zero in in past four years old and destroyed in economy. He said that after the disqualification Imran Khan wanted destabilize system as he said that if he does not return to power then the country will be divided in three parts. He said of atomic assets and institutions in in a manner that a reasonable and patriotic person could not accept, he added.

special the aide said the PTI chief kept the institutes responsible for his exile from power but in fact he failed to manage his MNA, adding that Alim Khan and Jenagir Tarin used to be in political management for Imran Khan but they stopped it when cases were reported against them to make Bazdar feel comfortable. He claimed that Imran Khan remained unsuccessful. on fronts of in economy and political management.

Tarar said that the head of PTI should review his actions when raising questions on sale of Toshakhan gifts From him. He asked how imran khan sold gifts of Toshakhan and where there was a profit. He said that the Toshakhan case was not resolved. on technical base, but on merit, adding that the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) will conduct a separate investigation of the question is whether Imran Khan announced all the giftsotherwise, the trial in the court session on a complaint of Election Committee.

special the assistant said that Ali Zafar was big lawyer, but he failed to defend Imran Khan in case, adding that he (Ali Zafar) acknowledged that the profit received from the sale of in gifts was deposited in so and so account. But when asked for details of defendant, Ali Zafar took the position that the commission was not the competent forum to deal with the case, he added.

“At first they refused to give details. of bill then they gave wrong account number, but truth was revealed and found that the profit was never credited to the account when the state bank provided data of account, he added,

He said that after participating in trade of in gifts, Imran Khan considered himself entitled to borrow public office. Did he believe that he should be eligible to participate in elections,” he asked. He said that Imran Khan was accused of stole as sold gifts and the resulting profit. He said that this act is punishable for three years and how he would escape From him.

Could Imran Khan deny that he purchase gifts and sold them, he asked. He said he was aware that the election commission’s verdict had been appealed. in Islamabad High Court, interrogation how the verdict can be appealed without certified copy of detailed verdict. He said objections would be raised on maintainability of petition in IHC.

Tarar said that the FIA soon start his investigation in case, and it will be brought to its logical conclusion. He said that since Imran Khan was disqualified, his speeches should also not to be broadcast.

He asked why Farrah Gogi was not returning to Pakistan, adding that she was their Benamidar and knew all the details. of their activities. He said that government decided to make a deal with Imran with iron hand and bill for every penny from him.
When questioned, he said PTI would create havoc in guise of if anyone tries to break law and order, a long march and strict action will be taken.

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