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Imran writes to President Alwi, CJP Bandial demands investigation of ‘threat letter’ – Pakistan

Former prime minister Imran Khan on Saturday wrote letters to President Dr. Arif Alvi and the Chief Justice. of Pakistan (CJP) Umar Ata Bandial is looking for them public request and formation of judicial panel, respectively, to investigate the “threatening letter” which the PTI chairman claims is evidence of “conspiracy” to overthrow him government.

Before him government was expelled due to a motion of no confidence put forward by the then opposition, Imran repeatedly stated that former This was announced by the Ambassador of Pakistan to the United States. senior official of Biden administration, what if no-confidence resolution succeeded, Pakistan could be forgiven, otherwise the country could face Severe consequences.

He maintains these claims to this day, emphasizing a “US-backed conspiracy”. in speaking to supporters after his exile.

In almost identical letters, the ex-premier noted that the CJP and the president in them possession copies of cipher that was given to the then Ambassador of Pakistan, Asad Majid Khan, by the US Assistant Secretary of State of State of Donald Lu.

“PTI government as reflected in in last cabinet meeting was of in view content of the cipher clearly reflects a regime change plot to remove “Prime Minister Imran Khan” from office of prime minister,” the letters said.

vote of no-confidence against the PTI chairman was “engineered,” she continued, arguing the claim with “changing loyalty of then the government’s allied parties” and “purchase of loyalty of some members of PTI”.

Imran also explained that the cipher was reason Why former deputy speaker of The National Assembly (NA) rejected the no-confidence vote until the cipher was investigated.

He subsequently asked the CJP and the president to “at least look into a cipher that clearly indicated a regime change plot in a foreign country” and order an investigation into it. Imran called on The Supreme Court to form a commission to conduct open hearings.”in establishment procedure who all in Pakistan was involved in this regime change conspiracy.”

“Now the silence of the Supreme Court of Pakistan and the presidency creating feeling of betrayal and helplessness among people of Pakistan,” the PTI chairman said, adding that it brought them out protest against “what they see is a violation of their democratic right to vote”.


Since his exile through no-confidence vote in National Assembly, Imran sacked Shehbaz’s government, calling him “imported”.

former The Prime Minister insists no-confidence move against he was part of foreign conspiracy alleging that the telegram received from the ambassador on March 7, the day before the opposition formally filed a no-confidence statement move against him, was proof of CONSPIRACY.

Imran claimed that the cable showed that Pakistan had been threatened by an American diplomat. who said the country would have to face consequences if it is not removed via a motion to deny trust that was not even filed at the time.

“How could they know about no-confidence petition before it was even filed? Imran addressed accused supporters in some public rallies in in past several weeks, adding that local collaborators colluded with their “foreign sponsors” to make the alleged plot a success.

issue was first grew up as Imran public rally on March 27, four days before first meeting of the National Security Council review content of cable.

Statement following the meeting of the National Security Committee on On March 31, under the chairmanship of Imran himself, he did not mention the word “conspiracy”, but admitted “brazen intervention”, after which a decisive demarche would be sent to a country that was not named. in statement. On 14 April, DG ISPR Major General Babar Iftikhar confirmed that the word had not been used. The subsequent meeting of the National Security Council within the framework of new the resolution stated that there was no foreign conspiracy to overthrow Imran Khan. government.

Since then, Imran has been referring to the cable in some public addresses, referring to an alleged plot to remove him from power.

AT one of his addresses, Imran said that the telegram had details of ambassador’s meeting with assistant secretary of state of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Donald Lu in with which the latter allegedly threatened Pakistan.

majid, in the telegram reportedly said Lu had warned that Imran’s continuation as prime minister would have consequences for bilateral relations. The US, according to Imran, was annoyed with his “independent foreign policyand a trip to Moscow.

It was on the basis of this cable he saw as proof of conspiracy to oust Imran that Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Qasim Suri issued an order dismissing the incredulous move against then prime minister on April 3 when voting on permission was set take place, calling the application contrary to article 5 of Constitution prescribing loyalty to the state for all citizens.

Subsequently, Suri’s decision was overturned by the Supreme Court and a vote. on final decision of no confidence took place on April 10 as result of who was imran removed as prime minister.

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