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Imran won’t take it risk of solvent assemblies: Gilani

MULTAN: Former prime minister and PPP partisan Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani said Imran Khan would not agree risk of assembly disassembly.

“Imran Khan knows that if he dissolves the meetings, there will be elections. in only in two provinces,” Gilani said during a conversation with media faces in Lodhran. Gilani asked the question: “When Imran Khan did not accept our demand for elections, how Can we accept it?”

Imran Khan should sit with them unconditionally in the sort order out a new road map, Gillani added. He wondered how Chief minister, who could not register an FIR, would dissolve assemblies. The ex-premier said that PTI held media tests of PPS and PML-N. ” politics of Imran Khan relies only on lies, and his real face as well as politics exposed to the masses.”

In response to a question, Gillani said that Imran Khan had deceitful dreams. of with a two-thirds majority. “Our allied parties are much stronger and more competent, and coalition government will continue for even years ahead.

congratulations sindhi people on Culture Day

Meanwhile, Senate President Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani on Sunday extended special hello sindhi people on Day of their culture.

Every year Sindhi people Celebrate culture day around the world on Sunday in in first a week of December. People wear cultural dresses with Sindhi Topi (cap) and Ajrak traditional printed shawls highlighting centuries of rich culture of Sind.

In his special Message to Sindh on Sindh Culture Day people living throughout the country, said Sanjrani, the day highlights love and importance of Sind culture. Sindh – the cradle of the world’s most beautiful and oldest civilization, the Indus Valley Civilization.

He called people make a commitment to promote Sindhi language and traditions on culture day.

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