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Imran swears move supreme court against amendments to the law on the army

  • Says he will announce on Saturday when the long march reaches Islamabad
  • Regrets if the biggest political party can’t get justice then who Can?’

LAHORE: PTI Chairman Imran Khan on Friday said the current government’s planned amendments to the Army Law will be challenged in The Supreme Court (SC), arguing that coalition The leaders made these changes “for political achievements.

During in informal negotiations with journalists in Lahore on On Friday, the head of PTI said that government amended for its “own benefit”.

Nawaz Sharif wants to bring in army commander who weaken PTI, he said, arguing that government tried to make the armed forces “like Punjab police.”

head of PTI also said that the appointment of army commander should take place just like what of Main justice. According to the Supreme Court (no. of Judges) Act 1997, CJP and all high court judges are appointed on the foundation of seniority.

The law says that a person with five years of experience as a high court judge or 15 years of experience like a high court advocate had the right to be appointed as a judge of the highest instance.

“Didn’t meet General Bajwa in Lahore

During the meeting, Imran said that he did not met Gen Bajwa in Lahore, explaining that President Arif Alvi held a meeting with army chief. At the same time, he told reporters that no negotiations within the framework of way with anyone Currently.

‘Will lead long trek from Rawalpindi itself’

head of PTI also said he lead in the party a long hike to Islamabad from Rawalpindi itself.

After the assassination attempt in Vazirabad on On November 3, Imran allowed PTI leaders Shah Mahmoud Qureshi and Asad Umar to take charge. of march. He had also said he join marchers later this month.

Imran expressed concern over delay in representation of a suspect in court. “I fear the evidence would be wasted. in those 14 days.

Imran also said that he will announce the date of arrival in Rawalpindi. on On Saturday, adding that tomorrow he had a medical examination, where the doctors give their opinion on his recovery.

Toshkakhana gift sale statement

Talking about Toshakhan gift sale statement, Imran said he would go to court in UK and Dubai against Jang Group and businessman Umar Farooq Zahoor.

Responding to these accusations today, Imran said that development Gave him chance go to court. “I can at my discretion sell or keep anything after buying from Toshahana.”

“What about vehicles Zardari and Nawaz took? Who will take note of what?” he asked.

AT one points during a call, head of PTI also said he would only prime minister again when he hasfull authority.”

Dig out an opponent party Supreme Leader Nawaz Sharif, Imran Khan questioned how a person like he may be allowed to decide when elections are to be held and who in next main of army headquarters should to be.

“The person whose children sitting in Great Britain, said Imran,how can he decide for Pakistan?”

“General Asif Nawaz brother wrote in his book, which in 1992 when he [Nawaz] was prime minister he tried to bribe general with bmw in Governor Murrie’s house,” he continued, “which was rejected.

“Why did he do it?” criticized Imran, saying that Nawaz wanted to “escape accountabilityand that’s why he wanted appoint commander-in-chief of the army of liked him and tried to bribe.

“He [Nawaz] has no idea how to play with neutral empire,” said Imran.

Imran also predicted that Nawaz would ask the commander of the army “first of everyone is trying to get rid of of me because he [Nawaz] can not compete with me” and then “he will try finish all cases of corruption against his. And finally, he will never hold an election until he knows for sure he will win”.

Focusing on the “threatening environment”, which, as he claimed, was created for”scare people away,” Imran said that private media house owner “has also now under threat for his life is many like Arshad Sharif.

“It wasn’t about that. bad even when the country was under martial law under Pervez Musharraf,” he exclaimed.

head of PTI also during his speech, he asked that “if the largest political party can’t get justice in Pakistan then who May I?” as he pointed out difficulty him and him party faced in FIR registration over in gun attack on his.

Imran said that “Prosperity necessarily depends on justice’ because he claimed that ‘hard”working” Pakistanis were leaving the country in search of economic security because “system is not just”.

“Whenever I ask overseas Pakistanis why don’t they do it business in Pakistan they tell me they have no faith in in system,” he added.

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