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Imran says comments “deeply sorry” made against woman judge


Submission of additional reply in contempt of court case in Islamabad High Court (IHC) on Pakistani Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan expressed “deep regret” on Wednesday over his “unintentional remarks” at the rally.

In August, IHC released show-cause notification former prime minister over contempt of court case after his remarks against Extra Sessions Judge Zebu Chaudhry and asked him to appear in person before the court. bench on August 31.

The notice follows Imran’s speech at the rally in Islamabad Park F-9 in whom he claimed that the trial judge knew that the prisoner party leader Shahbaz Gill was tortured but she did not release him on pledge. Imran threatened to take action against judge and police chief of Islamabad.

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During the trial on On August 31, the court expressed dissatisfaction with in former prime minister wrote a reply and ordered him to submit second reply in seven days.

In an additional response today (Wednesday), Imran Khan stated that at the rally “which was taken out in response to shocking news of physical torture of Mr Shahbaz Gill”, these remarks were “unintentional and not intended to be addressed to a female judge”. for whom he has many of respect”.

Imran said he “never meant to hurt her feelings and if her feelings were hurt he is deeply sorry” and added that he “did not want to threaten the lady judge and could not think of doing so”.

The statement said that Imran “respects for the judiciary, including the lower judiciary, and he […] believes that judges of lower/district judiciaries perform vital functions for dispensation of justice”.

He also added that he was “greatly respected” for the judiciary stands firm for rights of women in Pakistan” and “strongly supports the idea of great induction and presentation of lady judges.

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“Defendant [Imran] also assures this honorable court that he will not miss the opportunity to express his remorse to her, ”the statement says.

However, Imran also took opportunity to state that he believed in the IHC decision to allow to him second the opportunity to answer “unfortunately, in to gain political advantage [the decision] has been heavily criticized out of all proportions according to who see opportunity for political scoring and expulsion of the defendant [Imran] from the political arena.”

reports of gill torture

Imran Khan, in an additional statement asserted that “the alleged news of widely reported torture in socialprint and electronic media which were very disturbing.

“The respondent was very busy schedule because of whom he could not have been informed of the pending proceedings before this honorable court,” Imran said in a statement, adding that he has now “been informed of the technical rule of “submission of matter” and its effect on freedom of speech”.

Imran also said that public the address followed “terrible news of physical torture” of Shahbaz Gill is another PTI leader, and that “circulation of secretly made video seriously interfered with the process of grant of arrest”.

At the same time, he argued that “inadvertent remarks about police officers and a female judge in No way affects the right to a fair trial of accused Shahbaz Gill because, in in first For example, the case is still under investigation and the trial has not started yet.”

Comparisons with other “invalid”

Application submitted to IHC by PTI chief also argued that precedents of Talal Chaudhry, Danyal Aziz and Firdous Ashik Awan were “not applicable” because they “inadvertently didn’t say a few words” like Imran said yes.

“These speeches/interviews were part of of [a] vicious, calculated and well rehearsed campaign on advice of party leadership who launched a massive attack on The Supreme Court, having angered judges and courts, and was sent to the whole institution of the judicial system as a reaction /revenge to the Panama case. They included violent personal attacks on judges, statement added.

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“In those cases there were repeated performances made against the judiciary and the honorable judges, and neither remorse nor regret was shown, nor was any explanation given by the persons concerned”, said Imran, claiming that his “reference to a female judge and other officers during his speech was spontaneous and in spur of moment and was not designed for personally attack any judicial officer or judicial authority in in any way.”

“They were praised by the leadership of them party for them ‘heroic’victims and now they face of in party”, the statement said, “they continue attack judicial institutions and [a] several days back a little more the charges were made them.”

Imran also said that “the law of contempt for anyone but maintain greatness of law” and what he “considers in in rule of law and rule of Constitution” as he “begged” the court “follow Islamic principles of forgiveness and abstinence.”

IHC to resume hearings of happening on Thursday (tomorrow). this is also expected that former prime minister he himself will come to the podium to explain his position.

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