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imran reveal way forward for PTI movement “Hakiki Azadi” tonight at a rally in Lahore, says Fawad – Pakistan

PTI leader and former federal minister Fawad Chaudhry on Saturday said ex-prime minister Imran Khan would reveal way forward for his “Hakiki Azadi” [true freedom] movement at the party meeting in Lahore tonight.

Last week PTI announced hold a “historic power show” in Lahore hockey rink on the day before of 75th Independence Day of Pakistan which will be celebrated tomorrow.

Imran will address the assembly, which will be broadcast nationwide. Fireworks at midnight display and flag raising ceremony also be carried out.

talking to media people at the rally venue today, Chaudhry said that the topic of the assembly today was “Haqeeqi Azadi”.

“What true freedom? It’s a conviction that we won’t bow down down in front of anyone except for God. This is Imran goal and this is the theme of our rally.

He left on say the PTI chairman will reveal future strategy of in party tonight like “party He joined final stages of our movement.”

“Government of Punjab will investigate Sanaullah”

The PTI leader said that PTI had written a letter to Punjab. government seeking an investigation events of in the party a long trek to Islamabad for 15 days.

March on May 25 was preceded by the government’s application of Article 144, a measure used to curb gatherings. Sea containers delivered in place on major highways to block them path.

Unrestrained moves marching, who tried to force through containers to make them way in Islamabad, were met with tear gas as the police tried to disperse them. Police also charged with them with clubs.

Chaudhry told reporters that Punjab government launched an investigation and also tested PML-N leader Attu Tarar and Interior Minister Rana Sanaulla.

“Unlike them [the federal government]we did not show fascism, and did not pick up up people. We just investigation people and that is our right.”

He said that if Tarar and Sanaulla hide in Islamabad, “we won’t have option but announce them wanted”, adding that the leaders should do not be afraid and explain your position on cause.

Chaudhry also criticized former chief of Punjab minister Hamza Shehbaz for “run to London”. “These people who have money laundering reported cases against them, but they are given relief.

“While the wife of Shahbaz Gills driver suffers. AT women of Izhar’s families are dragged by the police,” he said, emphasizing that the moral imbalance in society was deeply concerned.

PTI leader also expressed confidence What about Monday, Jill… who was arrested for passing conflicting statements against armed forces – bail will be provided.

Need for new elections

Meanwhile Chaudhry left on challenge Prime Minister Shehbaz and head of JUI-F Maulana Fazlur Rehman for participation in elections against Imran and Proving»who in public I loved more”.

He stressed that the current government”tactics” against PTI will only push the country into crisis and send economy at the peak.

“If PTI starts street traffic, government wont last five days, he said. — But we want go to the polls without any controversy.”

He also said that party was ready to talk to government as soon as it announced date for fresh polls. “Debate on political framework can be started but it will depend on them.”

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