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Imran predicts high yields on ‘flood- fertile land

With floods wreaking havoc on crops all over the country, and farmers still counting the losses from the devastation, former prime minister and Pakistani Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Saturday predicted an “unprecedented harvest” next season due to increase in fertility of damaged land.

“Currently all places are flooded in water, but when that water recedes, the biggest benefit will be that the farmers will get an incredible harvest when they grow their wheat. in this fertile land,” he said, talking to media during his visit to Rozhan.

During your visit former prime minister was informed on relief efforts. Imran said the floods caused destruction throughout the country. “All need to work together, including members of provincial and national assembly, government And me help flood victims, he added.

He urged the provincial disaster management agency (PDMA) to collect data. on how there was a lot of damage caused floods how it will be useful in rehabilitation process.

“Thousands of acres of Earth currently immersed in water. I will discuss issue of further assistance flood victims. flood is big challenge for usbut we will get through this together,” he said. added.

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Imran Khan ordered the authorities to provide mosquitoes nets to people in in flood-hit areas. “I urge representatives to go to flood- affected areas, because they need your help,” he added.

former prime minister said the country needs more dams to prevent such disasters, adding that Pakistan needed at least two more big dams. He asked party workers presented on a reason not to raise political slogans, since it was not a rally.

“It’s really a test times for people. We, the members of provincial and national assembly, i.e. government and I, should all help in flood victims,” ​​he said.

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