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Imran makes history as PTI regains six NA seats, adds two in Punjab Assembly

  • Unofficial results says PPP wins two NA seats, PML-N retains one PA seats
  • Overall polling held in peaceful manner except for some sporadic unpleasant incidents

ISLAMABAD/LAHORE/KARACHI: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman and former prime minister Imran Khan on Sunday swept the by-elections in six of the eight National Assembly constituencies to make a history band two seats were clinched by the PPP while PTI secured victory in by-elections to two, of three seats of the Punjab Assembly, according unofficial and unconfirmed results.

Imran Khan handed defeat to his rivals including MQM in NA-239 Karachi, ANP in NA-31 Peshawar, JUI-F NA-22 Mardan, ANP in NA-24 Charsadda, PML-N in NA 108 Faisalabad, and PML-N in NA-118 Nankana Sahib-II.

جنون بمقابلہ ن pic.twitter.com/6UNg4po6CA

— Farrukh Habib (@FarrukhHabibISF) October 15, 2022

The PPP, however, clinched NA-157 Multan-IV and NA-237 Malir Karachi seats by defeating PTI candidates – Imran Khan and Meher Bano Qureshi, daughter of Shah Mahmood Qureshi.

عابد شیر علی کو لندن ڈی پورٹ کرنے کے بعد فرخ حبیب کا بھنگڑا pic.twitter.com/5zjzuc729v

— Mughees Ali (@mugheesali81) October 16, 2022


The PTI chief won all the three NA seats in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. According to unofficial results, PTI candidate Imran Khan won NA-31 Peshawar-V by securing 57,818 votes, while his opponent ANP’s candidate Ghulam Ahmad Bilour secured 32,252 votes. Similarly, Imran Khan got 78,589 votes while ANP provincial president Aimal Wali Khan secured 68,356 votes in NA-24 Charsadda. PTI Chief Imran Khan also succeeded in NA-22 Mardan where he secured 76,683 votes while JUI-F’s Maulana Muhammad Qasim got 68,181 votes.

اللہ کا شکر عمران خان کے حق میں عوامی ریفرنڈم آگیا۔ الیکشن مہم اور الیکشن ڈے پر پاکستانیوں کو اسکو جہاد سمجھ کر شامل ہوتے دیکھا۔ ووٹرز کا جذبہ قابل ستائش۔ آج کی فتح ٹیم بھرپور ٹیم ورک کا نتیجہ ہے۔
وزیراعظم عمران خان انشاللہ pic.twitter.com/3IRg3A3Gn8

— Farrukh Habib (@FarrukhHabibISF) October 16, 2022

A total of 16 candidates were in run for by-elections in these constituencies including four each candidates were in run for NA-22 Mardan and NA-24 Charsadda while eight candidates were contesting from NA-31, Peshawar-V respectively.

By-Elections | 16 Oct 2022



The combined vote bank of PDM was more than PTI in 10/11 of these seats in 2018.#ByElection2022 #بلے_پہ_ٹھپہ #ووٹ_کپتان_کا https://t.co/kuDgwpBrDX pic.twitter.com/ETEgsbcTqw

— Faizan Hayat Khan (@FaizanHayat13) October 16, 2022

According to a spokesman of the KP Provincial Election Commission, 979 polling stations were established in all three NA constituencies including 429 polling stations for men and 351 for women while 199 polling stations were for both men and women.


PPP candidate Syed Ali Musa Gillani won the by-election to NA-157 (Multan-IV) by defeating his rival candidate of PTI Mehar Bano with a huge lead of 25,186 votes.

According to unofficial results, declared by the office of returning officer on Sunday, the PPP’s candidate Syed Ali Musa Gillani secured 107,327 votes, while PTI candidate Mehar Bano Qureshi secured 82,141 votes.

The overall turnout was recorded 44.22 percent.

The total registered votes of the constituency were 462,205, including 247,920 male and 214,285 female voters, out of which 204,404 were cast on Sunday during the by-election.

Meanwhile, 2,337 votes had been rejected during the counting process.


PPP) candidate Abdul Hakim Baloch trounced Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan with an impressive margin on the NA-237 Malir-II seat.

According to unofficial results announced by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), Baloch secured 32,567 votes, while Imran Khan obtained only 22,493 votes, defeating the latter with a margin of more than 10,000 votes.

Meanwhile, Samiullah Khan of TLP secured 2,956 votes.

Karachi & Multan , bye bye PTI! Congratulations to brother @SyedMusaGillani & Hakeem Baloch for defeating @ImranKhanPTI from seats he had stolen in 2018 election. #JeetKaNishanTeer pic.twitter.com/vbruomzvjs

— BilawalBhuttoZardari (@BBhuttoZardari) October 16, 2022


PTI Chairman Imran Khan won the seat of National Assembly’s constituency NA-108 (Faisalabad-VIII) by defeating his rivals with a margin of 24,757 votes during by-election held here on Sunday.

According to unofficial result issued by the Returning Officer, Imran Khan got 99,841 votes whereas his opponent Abid Sher Ali bagged 75,266 votes while Arsalan Arshad (independent) got 23 votes, Khurram Shehzad (Pakistan Nazriyati Party) 394 votes, Rizwan Mehmood (independent) 83 votes, Sohail Kashif (Awami Justice Party Pakistan) 51 votes, Shahbaz Ali Gulzar (independent) 673 votes, Abdul Hafeez (independent) 1,408 votes, Farrukh Habib (independent) 645 votes, Liaqat Ali (independent) 97 votes, Muhammad Siddique (Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan) 3,088 votes and Malik Muhammad Ali Tahir (independent) secured 766 votes.

There were total of 505,186 voters including 271,039 males and 234,147 females in this constituency, said RO. Thus turnout remained at 36.49 per cent.

میں پہلے عابد بھائ کے ساتھ 100% کھڑا تھا اور الحمداللہ اپنی پارٹی مسلم لیگ ن اور عابد بھائ کے ساتھ اب 1000% کھڑا ہوگیا ہوں
ملک سے فتنے عمران خان کو دور کرنے اور ملک کو خوشحال بنانے کیلئےمیاں محمد نواز شریف کی ضرورت ہے @MaryamNSharif @AbidSherAli @NawazSharifMNS pic.twitter.com/vttlaGGnKa

— 🇵🇰محمد سالم لائلپوری 🇵🇰 (@Salimmalik58) October 16, 2022

Karachi’s NA-239 Korangi

PTI candidate Imran Khan won the NA-239, Korangi, Karachi by-election, securing 48,936 votes.

According to unofficial results announced by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), Imran’s rival candidate, Syed Nayyer Raza of MQM-P secured 17,989 votes.

Whereas, TLP’s Muhammad Yasin secured 7,926 votes.

Voting percentage was 14.85 percent, the ECP said.


PTI candidate Imran Khan won NA-118, Nankana Sahib-II constituency’s by-polls by obtaining 90,180 votes.

ابرار الحق ، میجر (ر) اسرار الحق اپنی ٹیم کے ہمراہ ننکانہ (این اے 118) کی طرف روانہ۔#بلے_پہ_ٹھپہ pic.twitter.com/W5RWnUfjT2

— PTI Lahore (@PTIOfficialLHR) October 16, 2022

According to unofficial results announced by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), Imran’s rival Shuzra Mansab Ali Khan Kharal secured 78,024 votes. Syed Afzaal Rizvi of TLP secured 24,630 votes.

Voting percentage was 44.01 percent, said ECP.


Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf candidate Faisal Khan Niazi won by-elections to PP-209 by securing 71,156 votes.

According to unofficial results, PML N candidate Chaudhary Ziaur Rehman got 57,603 votes. Rao Arif Ali, candidate of Tehreek Labaik Pakistan obtained 4,697 votes. In general elections 2018, Faisal Khan Niazi won the seat on the PML N ticket. He resigned and contested the election on the PTI ticket.

PTI’s Malik Muzaffar wins PP-241 by-election

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s (PTI) candidate Malik Muhammad Muzaffar Khan won the by-election for the Punjab Assembly seat PP-241 (Bahawalnagar-V) on Sunday.

According to unofficial results announced by the District Election Commissioner-I/Returning Officer PP-241 (Bahawalnagar-V), PTI candidate secured 59,957 votes, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s (PML-N) candidate Amanullah Bajwa bagged 48,147 votes and Ghulam Qadir of TLP got 3,953 votes.

A total of 168 polling stations were established for 237,045 registered voters of the constituency.


Iftikhar Ahmed Bhangu, a candidate of Pakistan Muslim league Nawaz (PML-N) clinched Punjab Assembly’s PP-139, Sheikhupura-V seat by defeating Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) candidate Abu Bakar Sharaqpuri on Sunday. According to unofficial results announced by the District Election Commissioner-I/Returning Officer PP-139 (Sheikhupura-V) Basil Akram, PML-N candidate secured 40,829 votes while PTI’s candidate Abu Bakar Sharaqpuri got 37,712 votes.

A total 153 polling stations were established for 227,541 registered voters.


Voting began in the high-stakes by-elections to eight National Assembly and three Punjab Assembly seats on Sunday with PTI Chairman and former prime minister Imran Khan contested on record seven NA seats.

Polling started at 8:00 am and continued till 5:00 pm without any break.

Police, Rangers and Pakistan Army remained alert to ensure law and order situation during the polling.

آج آپ نے بڑی ذمہ داری کے ساتھ ووٹ ڈالنا ہے اور اپنے ووٹ کی حفاظت بھی کرنی ہے۔ #بلے_پہ_ٹھپہ #NA157 pic.twitter.com/WwzX1dCgCr

— Meher Bano Qureshi (@MeherBanoQ) October 15, 2022


By-elections were held in eight constituencies of the National Assembly and three constituencies of the Punjab Assembly. The constituencies of the National Assembly fell vacant after the acceptance of the resignations of PTI members of the Assembly by the Speaker of the National Assembly.

The by-elections were held on two NA seats in Karachi and three NA seats in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) each.

ECP orders action against cellphone usage at polling stations

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) took notice of cell phone’s usage at some polling stations during the polling process for by-elections to eight seats of the National Assembly and three of the Punjab Assembly.

The ECP ordered a strict legal action over the usage of cellphones during the polling process.

This was the beginning @BBhuttoZardari @SyedMusaGillani @NadeemAfzalChan

— Syedih (@SyedIHusain) October 16, 2022

The ECP issued instructions to the ROs, DROs and provincial election commissioners concerned.

They had been ordered to take a strict legal action against those using mobile phones at polling stations.

It is to be noted here that some voters had filmed videos and uploaded them on social media while casting votes at some polling stations in Karachi and Faisalabad.

Five armed men arrested from NA-24

The police arrested five armed persons in Charsadda’s area of Umarzai as voting in NA-24 by-election continued. According to DPO Charsadda Sohail Khalid, the armed persons belonged to different political parties.

Special arrangements were made in the constituency by the election authorities to make the polling transparent. However, the turnout at polling stations was not much encouraging so far.

PTI, PML-N workers clash in Khanewal

The workers of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and PML-N clashed at polling station (136) in PP-209 constituency, Khanewal. The brawl occurred after the workers of PTI blamed the PML-N for forcibly casting votes.

Police failed to disperse the workers as they continued to stay outside the polling station.

PTI, ANP workers come face to face in Peshawar

The workers of Awami National Party (ANP) and the PTI came face to face in Peshawar at a polling station. Both sides exchanged hot words at which the police intervened. They expelled the workers of both parties from the polling station.

The police also arrested a worker of ANP.

Rumpus at polling station in Faisalabad

The process of polling was stopped after a rumpus at a polling station in Faisalabad. The commotion took place after male polling agents entered the polling station (No. 305) of women.

The polling staff called the Rangers to deal with the situation. On other hand, the Punjab election commissioner rejected allegations levelled by PTI leader Farrukh Habib of transferring PTI votes from the constituencies.

A spokesman for Punjab Election Commission termed the PTI allegations as baseless and false. “He said the delay in holding by-elections was due to security,” he added.

The spokesman further said that the voters lists were prepared under a process which is transparent and error-free.

Security measures

Contingents of Pakistan Army, Rangers and Frontier Corps (FC) were deployed to provide security to the presiding officers and other staff at polling stations.

The presiding officers were to send the picture of Farm-45 to the returning officer concerned on WhatsApp.

The presiding officers were also directed to keep the location of their cellphones on.

While giving instructions to the officers concerned, the chief election commissioner (CEC) said that no one would be allowed to violate the law.

“If any government employee is found involved in fraud, he should be arrested immediately,” he ordered.

“The case of such person should be referred to the election commission so that an immediate action could be taken against him,” he added.

ECP preparations

The Election Commission of Pakistan has completed all the arrangements to avoid any untoward situation. A central control room has been set up at the headquarters of Election Commission of Pakistan in Islamabad which will monitor the polling process.

According to a press release, the control room will monitor the situation and will continue to function uninterruptedly till the results of the by-elections.

In his statement pertaining to the polls in different constituencies, the Chief Election Commissioner said that no interference will be tolerated during the polling.

The ECP had also set up a central control room in the Election Commission Secretariat to monitor the by-elections and the Chief Election Commissioner monitored the entire election process.


PPP candidate Ali Musa Gilani on Sunday claimed that the Punjab government was using state machinery in by-election (NA-157 Multan-IV) polling process. According to a report, Musa Gilani alleged that the police also tried to raid the PPP camp last night.

He appealed people to come out of their houses and cast their votes. “Today is a big day for me as my 11 years hard work in politics is at stake. The people should think about this by-election as their own and come out of their houses.”

PDM, PTI leaders visit polling station to cast their votes

Pakistan Democratic Moment (PDM) candidate Haji Ghulam Bilor for NA-31, former Senator Haji Ghulam Ali of JUI-F and Member Provincial Assembly Tehreek-e-Insaf Asif Khan on Sunday arrived at Municipal Inter-Girls College Peshawar to cast their votes.

“Whatever the result of the election, we will fully accept,” Haji Ghulam Ahmad Bilor told media persons, after casting his vote. “Win and defeat is part of the election and democratic norms of accepting the election result,” he added.

On the occasion, Mian Iftikhar, Central General Secretary of the Awami National Party expressed the hope that the PDM candidates would win all the three seats.

Farid Afridi visits various polling stations to inspect arrangements

Provincial Election Commissioner Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Muhammad Farid Afridi Sunday visited different polling stations of NA-31 Peshawar and expressed satisfaction over the arrangement and other security measures being taken by the Police for the polls.

Muhammad Farid Afridi along with DRO, RO and Police officers also inspected the Polling Stations. He said, carrying of mobile phones inside the polling station was prohibited while media men were allowed for coverage with their professional cameras.

He said the polling will continue till 5.00 pm and those inside the polling station will be able to exercise their right of vote accordingly. He said, voters cast their vote without any fear and by their will.

DROs of all the three constituencies were in contact with the district administration and hopefully all the process would pass on peacefully and without any break.

Policemen personnel were also present at the spot to maintain peace in their rank.

PTI’S Bilal Ghaffar assaulted in Malir

PTI Karachi chapter President Bilal Ghaffar was physically assaulted in Karachi’s Malir area by unknown men during by-elections on Sunday.

As per details, PTI leader Bilal Ghaffar was visiting different polling stations in Malir NA-237 when unknown miscreants manhandled him in Bakra Piri area. The PTI leader was moved to a nearby hospital for first aid.

Shame on PPP Goons, they resorted to violence against PTI Karachi President @BilalAGhaffar. Malir Elections shall be held again as there are clear proofs of rigging and gunda gardi there. pic.twitter.com/ZkqcjP7nsz

— PTI (@PTIofficial) October 16, 2022

Meanwhile, former Sindh governor and PTI leader, Imran Ismail accused miscreants belonging to the Pakistan People’s Party of attacking Bilal Ghaffar. In his statement earlier in the day, Bilal Ghaffar condemned the alleged attempt to rig the Malir by-election and said that the Sindh government wants to fix the results.

He said that the by-elections was part of the real freedom struggle, the Pakistan People’s Party government should refrain from making the election controversial, he said that the voters should remain outside the polling stations to protect their votes.

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader alleged that the Sindh government wants to facilitate rigging by turning the election environment into chaos, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) should take notice of the alleged rigging of the Sindh government.


A number of code of conduct violations are being reported during the by-elections on eight NA and three Punjab Assembly seats.

In Multan, a voter in Multan after casting a vote in favor of the PPP candidate clicked the picture of the ballot paper and shared it on social media.

In Faisalabad, during the by-election on NA-108 Faisalabad, the PML-N voters were allegedly being allowed to take cellphones with them in the polling booth. One of the voters after giving voters in favor of PML-N shared the picture of the ballot paper.

Similarly in Mardan, ECP’s code of conduct was also violated during by-elections on NA-22 as one of the voters shared a picture of the ballot paper.

Polling for by-elections on eight National Assembly (NA) seats and three seats of the Punjab Assembly is underway.

The polling started at 8:00 am and will continue till 5:00 pm.

The government wanted to delay the by-elections for at least the next 90 days as it said that security personnel were busy in flood relief works, while there were also reports of terrorist activities during the polls.


A former PTI Union Council chairman was arrested on Sunday from a polling station in Multan after he was found violating the election code of conduct.

The NA-157 returning officer said that Hamid Janjua had been initially detained after he was found lurking around the women’s polling station, something which is not allowed.

Moreover, he was found allegedly filming women entering and leaving the polling station in gross violation of the electoral code of conduct.

At this, he was detained and later handed over to the police for further legal action.


The Punjab Police said on Sunday it provided foolproof security for the bye-elections at 1,434 polling stations of six districts of the province.

The IGP Punjab said in a statement that in six constituencies of the National and provincial assemblies, 23,000 policemen and officers remained on high alert to ensure transparent and peaceful election process. He personally monitored situation moment by moment in the Election Control Room, established in the Central Police Office, while RPOs and DPOs personally monitored the election security arrangements.

A spokesman said that lady officials were also appointed at woman polling booths and polling process was not allowed to be affected at any place.

Meanwhile, on the instructions of Punjab IGP Faisal Shahkar, action against violation of the code of conduct of Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) was carried out.

DPO Sheikhupura Faisal Mukhtar said that during the blockade, the Bhikhi police recovered weapons from a suspicious vehicle and three persons were arrested along with weapons.

A case has been registered against the arrested persons. DPO Sheikhupura said that no violation of code of conduct would be tolerated in the bye-election.


Joint Operating Officer election commission Sindh on Sunday denied any major complaint about polling in by elections.

Talking to media during a visit of the Superior College polling station in Shah Faisal Town, Javed Iqbal Shah said that there were complaints about belated beginning of polling at one or two places.

“CCTV cameras have been installed at sensitive polling stations,” he said.

“The polling process was started at 8:00 in the morning,” he said.

“We are thankful of the Rangers and Police for their assistance,” election commission officer said.

He asked the citizens to cast their votes and become part of the democratic process.

Sindh election commission joint operating officer also denied any incident of lawlessness adding that the police and rangers’ officials standing side by side with the election commission.


The Election Commission Pakistan (ECP) issued a notice to Federal Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan for violating the election code of conduct.

District Monitoring Officer Faisalabad Syed Basit Ali issued a notice to Federal Minister Rana Sanaullah for violating the code of conduct in the by-polls.

The notice has been issued on the participation of PML-N candidate NA-108 Abid Sher Ali’s election campaign.

According to the notification, Rana Sanaullah has been ordered to submit his answer at the District Returning Officer’s office, in Faisalabad.

The District Returning Officer said that public officeholders are prohibited from participating in the election campaign.

The notification stated that the Election Commission has issued an order to the Deputy Commissioner and City Police Officer Faisalabad to evict all public office holders from the limits of NA-108.



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