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Imran Khan warns the government of dire consequences if the election date is not announced

PTI Chairman Imran Khan addresses Mardan Jalsa, on May 13, 2022 – YouTube/PTI
  • PTI Chairman Imran Khan calls people to Islamabad for “the revolution”.
  • Khan says “corrupt” people won’t do decisions for Pakistan.
  • Claims to receive messages from the establishment, but says his numbers are blocked.

MARDAN: PTI Chairman Imran Khan warned that if a date for in general elections not announced “the sea of people”Heading towards Islamabad would be a disaster for in government.

The PTI Chairman held series of Jalsas in different cities including Karachi, Mianwali, Lahore and Peshawar when he collects party workers and leaders against in government forthcoming of Islamabad march.

In his address during Mardan JalsaPTI chairman said he was calling people to Islamabad for “revolution”, which sought “real independence” for Pakistan.

“From here I pass the message to the corrupt thugs […] and convict should also hear it: you don’t decisions for country, and citizens will decide who we will rule Pakistan,” Khan said.

A warning to “neutrals”

PTI chairman confirms United States ‘conspired’ against his mode while current government”Mir Sadiq and Mir Jafars” participated in This is.

Khan said when he came in know about the “conspiracy”, he went to “people who could stop it. “I told them that if this plot succeeded, then our economy will fluctuate given it current condition.”

The ex-prime minister said he asked former finance minister Shaukat Taryn tell those who “call are themselves neutral, economy collapses, but, unfortunately, they did not stop him.

” dollar approaching 200 rupees, stocks market sinks, everything becomes expensive […] in media should ask people how expensive things, just like during our government” Khan said.

The PTI chairman said that his party enter into power after “corrupt” politicians already ruled the country for 10 years. “We have inherited a historical deficit because they destroyed in economy.”

Khan said, given the condition of in economy when he formed a government he went to seek loans from friendly countries – China, United Arab Emirates and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – to save the country from default.

‘It is better drop atomic bomb on Pakistan’

In a separate conversation with Khan told reporters earlier today that Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif was not the only “Mir Jafar and Mir Sadiq” as there are others and he will reveal their names when the time is right.

Khan asked people who supported the “conspiracy” whether they were worried about the Pakistani future. “Would be better drop atomic bomb on pakistan than have these people in power.”

PTI Chairman Says He Learned of ‘Conspiracy’ in June last yearbut, unfortunately, “everything decisions” we made loosen it government — and was eventually ousted.

“Corruption is not issue for powerful people’

Moving on, the PTI chairman asked what government official dare to continue with cases against “these corrupt people”.

Khan added what he was of in view that corruption will issue for in powerful quarters and what he was on on the same page as them on the subject.

“But I’m surprised that such thieves were brought into power. Corruption is not issue for in powerful people” said the chairman of PTI.

Ties with creation

Khan said that his relationship with the institution was good before last day of his government but had two questions on who did not see eye to eye.

former prime minister said “powerful quarters” wanted Usman Buzdar removed as chief minister but he would tell them what to eat”more corruption and governance problems in Sind”.

second disagreement with the institution was over in issue of Lieutenant General Faiz Hamid as him wanted army official act as head of interdepartmental intelligence until the “winter”, taking into account the situation in Afghanistan and because of the “conspiracy” of the then opposition.

The ex-premier said he is still receiving messages from the establishment, but he has “blocked their numbers” and will only speak to them after the date. for elections announced.

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