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Imran Khan urges supporters to take to the streets to celebrate tomorrow

PTI Chairman Imran Khan smiles during the groundbreaking ceremony of Rawalpindi ring road project, on March 19, 2022 – Facebook/ImranKhanOfficial

ISLAMABAD: After the verdict of Supreme Court of Pakistan, announcing the decision of deputy speaker of the Punjab Assembly “illegitimate” and the appointment of Pervez Elahi as new main minister of Punjab, PTI Chairman Imran Khan urged his supporters to take to the streets and celebrate tomorrow.

A brief court order declared Elahi duly elected main minister of Punjab ruled he received 186 votes compared to 179 for Hamza.

Going to Twitter former prime minister said “I appreciate our SC judges for stand firm and abide by the Constitution and the law, against in every possible way of threats and insults.

He also thanked Barrister Ali Zafar and his team for fighting the PTI case in the highest court. “I want give thanks people of Punjab for coming out in unprecedented numbers in by-election against falsification,” Khan wrote.

PTI stated that it party will celebrate win tomorrow with in people who stood on them campaign for Haqiqi Azadi.

Former human rights minister Shirin Mazari said that people Russia’s mandate is respected and justice gained the upper hand by unleashing a U.S. regime-change plot.

“Reverse of U.S. regime change conspiracy by force of people who stood behind Stand IR for Haqiqi Azadi and his capture cause to people of Pakistan,” she wrote.

PTI leader Hammad Azhar said that this win is for in people and because of them support.

Congratulations to the nation on victory, former information minister Fawad Chaudhry said that the former resident of Punjab CM Hamza Shahbaz should resigned after the election in the main, but he was involved in unscrupulous politics.

Today the Supreme Court restored constitution,” he said. added.

PML-Q leader Muniz Elahi, who this is son of Pervez Elahi said that Hamza “gone”, calling him “kukri” (chicken).

“Neither Hamza father neither his sister could save him,” Muniz wrote.

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