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Imran Khan to reveal roadmap for real independence’ on August 13

Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chief of Pakistan Imran Khan on Thursday said they would show nation way to real independence in their collection on August 13 in Lahore, according to ARY News.

Turning to participants of convention organized on happening of world minority day PTI head Imran Khan said that small the elite took over country. Them fight is against this elite, who consider themselves above the law, he added.

AT former The prime minister said that real justice means the poor and the rich should treated equally under the law. No country can progress without justice, this is what distinguishes people from other animals, he added.

The head of PTI said that Islam believes in equality for all people, the Prophet Muhammad created the state of Madina and made all people are equal citizens of in the region added. Caliphs appeared. in courts on accusations of minorities and defended themselves, he added.

He added that Muhammad Ali Jinnah wanted Hindus and Muslims to fight British people together, but he parted ways after he got to know congress partyx intentions. He was advocate of Muslim and Hindu rights, he added.

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Speaking of arrest of The head of ARY News, Ammad Yusuf, said that in what kind of democracy people arrested like this is? Ammada daughter is in shock, he added.


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