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Imran Khan Supporters Converge on Liberty Chowk from Lahore will start a protest march for new elections

LAHORE/ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has been tense on Friday like hundreds of supporters of Imran Khan party collected in Lahore like former prime minister everything was set run it protest march towards Islamabad to force in government announce date for early general elections.
Supporters of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) riding on their motorcycles and carrying party the flags gathered at the famous Liberty Chowk, from where Khan was supposed to travel to the capital along the historic GT Road.
Khan, 70 years old, plans to arrive in Islamabad on November 4 and requested official permission from government to allow his party hold a protest. His party announced the protest as the “Hakiki Azadi march” or protest for real freedom of country.
No it’s not clear if he went back after the meeting or transform it’s in sit-in on sample of his 2014 protest, when the 126-day meeting was staged by him followers in front of in parliament building.
The organizers had announced to start march at 11 am, but he was delayed and was not clear when exactly will it be begin.
coalition government led by Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) made develop security measures to maintain peace during warning PTI that any attempt to create a law and order situation will be thwarted with With an “iron hand,” Interior Minister Rana Sanaulla told reporters. in Islamabad.
He warned that “severe action will be taken if they try to break the law and create a situation of law and order.” in capital,” he said, adding that Supreme Courtthe protest orders were clear. “If the protesters abide by the law, we will assist them,” he said.
In response to PTI secretary general Asad Umar said media in Lahore that the protest will be peaceful and “from now on on all decisions will be accepted people”. He said that party decided to dedicate the march to the murdered journalist Arshad Sharif.
country fought with various versions of killing of journalist Sharif in Kenya and circumstantial accusations against armed forces.
Former information minister Fawad Chaudhry, who was with Umar at a press conference called public participate in protest. “You should participate in this march, even if you don’t belong to PTI. The nation must refuse decisions taken behind closed doors,” he said.
government rejected the march, and Information Minister Marryyum Aurangzeb said the nation refused to obey the “foreign-funded” instigator and rejected the “bloody march”.
As the planned PTI protest was about to begin, the stock fell by over 200 points at the beginning trade while the underlying KSE-100 lost 228.54 points. points or 0.55%, up to 41,374.32 points by midi.
Previously Khan in the video message said that there was no protest for “personal or political interests, but to achieve actual freedom for country.” Khan demands early elections and threatens a protest march towards Islamabad. force his requirements, if government failed to give date for elections.
term of The National Assembly will end in August 2023 and new elections should be held within 60 days.
Khan, who was expelled from power in April after the loss no-confidence vote in his leadership spoke of a “threatening letter” from the US and claimed that it was part of of foreign conspiracy to remove it because it was unacceptable for after an independent foreign policy. The US vehemently denied the allegations.
According to officials, the Interior Ministry already decided to deploy some 30,000 police, rangers and paratroopers.military troops in Islamabad and not allow protesters entered the red zone area Near parliament building.
The house of the president, the house of the prime minister, the cabinets of ministers, the parliament, and other important buildings, including foreign embassies, are located in red zone area.
The start date of the march was announced on Tuesday Khan. “We will meet at Liberty Chowk at 11 am. on Friday and set off for Islamabad,” he said.
“We will remain peaceful. If any violation occurs, it will come from another side, not ours. We are trying for soft revolution. We will not go to Islamabad to create some dirty tricks, ”Khan assured, adding that, despite all his peaceful intentions he was ready for arrest also.

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