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Imran Khan says hell lead Tomorrow March Azadi

PESHAWAR: Rejection of government ban to stop Azadi March, former prime minister and PTI Chairman Imran Khan on Tuesday said he lead the largest procession in Pakistan history tomorrow (Wednesday), according to ARY News.

Speech at a press conference in Peshawar, Imran Khan said he was a fascist government started suppression against PTI workers ahead of Azadi Marsh. Pakistan is approaching a turning point, it added.

Imran Khan said that “the cabinet of the criminals decided to stop Azadi Long March. The PTI chairman said the opposition was protesting against several times during his government but no one not stopped or tortured.

He condemned that the police had infiltrated house of retired army major, referring to the video that appeared on social media in what a Girl in with tears and saying that the cops molested her.

Despite several announcements of peaceful long march towards Islamabad, suppression against Working PTIs have been launched, former prime minister said and asked if he had violated rule of law during his political career of 26 years?

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He asked the court to take note of illegal raids on the homes of PTI workers across the country.

The nation looks to court in real scenario. PTI chairman said there’s no time remain neutral now.

When of chaos and destruction in country, “neutrals” will also be responsibleImran Khan said.

Imran Khan repeated that he lead long march from Peshawar tomorrow along with massive crowd. “Not one can stop Tsumani of masses”.

Turning their guns to the Punjab CM Hamza Shahbaz, asked by Imran Khan how he gives orders to the bureaucracy after the ECP toppled the dissident Punjab MPAs.

He warned the authorities of action against every illegal order they follow.



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