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Imran Khan lost his mind says Maryam – Newspaper

TAXILA: Imran Khan went crazy after losing his premiership and is now constantly changing his ‘self-contradictory narrative’, Maryam Nawaz said at a rally in Fatejung on Friday.

event marked the launch of a public contact campaign Pakistan Muslim League-N aiming to counter Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf narrative against in party.

Maryam Nawaz, Vice President of PML-N, said that neither former prime minister Do something for nation and he allow others to do something.

She remembered that before last week Imran Khan claimed that a plot to overthrow him government was hatched in March, but now changed his narrative, claiming that the plot stretched back until July last year.

Maryam Nawaz called Imran Khan “Tosha Khan” and recalled that he did not talk so much. in defense of his sister Alima Khan as for Farah Gogi, who “minted out billions through corrupt methods.”

“Imran Khan diverted the attention of the nation to Langar Khanas by choosing for himself priceless items from Toshahany and even had the audacity to take away a BMW car worth 150 million rupees with him,” said the PML-N leader.

She said former prime minister was “terrible of foreign funding case” because he raised “billions illegally”.

Maryam Nawaz is mentioned by the name of a nephew of former minister Sheikh Rashid, who is an facing accusations in incident in Masjid-e-Nabwi, in which it was alleged that Sheikh Rashid Rafiq refused to hand over over monitor his cell phone on which he uploaded with his video message, because “traces of CONSPIRACY lead at Bani Gala.

She claimed that the planned long PTI march was in fact “a desperate attempt to save Farah Gogi”.

Referring to the PTI chief’s dissatisfaction with no-confidence movement that toppled his government Maryam Nawaz recalled that he incited the opposition to “bring mistrust move against me”, but

“weeping hoarsely” now that it was done.

She claimed that prices of essential items like came flour and sugar down sharply after Shahbaz Sharif came to power last month.

A large number of of party supporters from Rawalpindi, Attock, Taxila, Hasanabdal and surrounding areas participated. in in public meeting.

Published in Dawn, May 7, 2022

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