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Imran Khan called on the youth join Azadi March to get true freedom

Imran in Swabi

Imran Khan, former prime minister and chairman of Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf Party, addresses a huge public meeting in Swabi on Monday. Screenshot/ Bol TV

Former Prime Minister and Chairman of the Pakistani Tehreek-e-Insaf Party, Imran Khan called on the youth join Azadi Marsh in Islamabad to receive true freedom.

“Those of them who can not join me in Islamabad should to come out in Swabi and fight against imported government”, he said, emphasizing that the agenda of all pakistani should to be “Ghouls Na Manzur”.

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He said this, addressing a huge public meeting in Swabi on Monday.

Imran Khan said tribal people donated the most in war against terror but the US never thanked Pakistan for his victims.

Remembering the time when Pakistan participated in US war, Imran Khan said that 80,000 Pakistanis, most of who were people from the tribal areas, sacrificed their lives, but no one recognized the scarifiers.

He called people never accept slavery of anyone and join March Azadi.

“No one respects slaves, therefore we should do not accept imported government imposed on in people of Pakistan through foreign conspiracy in any cost”, he asserted.

He recalled that Pakistan emerged for law enforcement of islamic teachings in country, but in country, import government forced to serve the interests of their owners.

He claimed that there were 400 drone attacks. out during modes of Pakistan People’s Party and Pakistan Muslim League, but both of they never had the courage to condemn these attacks like these family rulings assets in foreign countries That’s why they never left against will of USA.

He encouraged the youth to come out and join his in Islamabad to save our country and get true freedom.

Imran further said that they should get rid of of these thieves and corrupt leaders and make them run from this country because they were slaves of foreign countries.

Imran noticed that the rulers had stalled in country how they will take orders of USA, criticizing Shehbaz Sharif for calling the Pakistani nation slaves.

He said: “We want only free and fair elections,” adding that they would not accept this important government in any cost.

He hit Maulana Fazlur Rehman sharply, adding that he took money- production ministries in import government.

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This was stated by the former speaker of the National Assembly, Assad Qaiser. people of Swabi will support Imran Khan no matter what and be fully involved in March Azadi.

He assured Imran Khan that people of swabis were with it will be remain with him forever, adding that the nation would not disappoint him.

KP Chief Minister mehmood khan says on case turned to people of Swabi take part in Azadi Marchi and support Imran Khan in his struggle for independent Pakistan.

Former defense minister Pervez Khattak said that people came to this meeting for Imran Khan’s love as he was a brave and courageous leader who wanted his nation to become independent.

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