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Imran Khan announces power shows for Pakistan

LAHORE: Pakistani Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan announced to address public throughout the country, including Karachi, Peshawar, Quetta and Islamabad, ARY News reported.

Turning to public meeting in Lahore Hockey Stadium, Imran Khan said there are four types of slavery, Muhammad Ali Jinnah freed us from one type of of slavery. Slavery humiliates self-respect of nation and instills an inferiority complex in people added.

prophet Muhammad made turned Muslims into leaders of in world through the intellectual revolution. They got this status by focusing on two things, education and freedom from fear.

He added that as prime minister he created the Rehmatul Lil Alamin authority to teach our children about life of our beloved prophet. He didn’t do want that our children become slaves of Western civilization, he added.

He added that he was blessed with everything, he is not need to come in politics and deal with it’s dirty politics. But he wanted free the country from slavery of west, he added.

He said that the two families that ruled Pakistan for over 30 years in debt to the country with billions of dollars. He used to be ashamed when he had to beg others countries for loans, he added.

He added what does he want to have good connections with every country, including the US, but cannot accept slavery. He had good connections with former US President Donald Trump, he added.

He added that India bought oil from Russia because it in it’s people’s interest, but ours government did not have the heart to do so, despite the rapid rise in inflation. If India can protect the interests of them people why can’t our government repeat? Since they are afraid of their foreign property, he added.

He added it is his fight for real independence will last until the date for no new elections announced.

He added that PML-N led government tortured PTI workers and leaders, but they did not know that the nation has risen and will not stop until it achieves real independence.

He added that their government was outmaneuvered by the conspiracy, but they came back as well as won additional surveys in Punjab despite falsification. Now they’re hatching a filing plan against me and disqualify me and call Nawaz Sharif back to Pakistan, he added.

‘Imran Khan would not agree to any deal’

He added what they want equate it with convicted criminal Nawaz Sharif. He would give “warm welcome” by Nawaz Sharif whenever he returns to Pakistan, he added.

head of PTI added what are they trying cause a fight between the largest in the country party and the armed forces. Imran Khan would never want to weaken the armed forces, he added.

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PTI leader announced his future plan and said he would deliver public congregations throughout the province. Imran Khan said he would apply public meetings in Karachi, Hyderabad, Sukkur Nawabshah, Mardan, Swat, Quetta and Peshawar.


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