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Imran joins a long march as the workers collide with police on streets


Pakistani workers and supporters of Tehreek-e-Insaf are trying to way toward Islamabad as they pushed containers away and withstood tear gas fire following the response of Chairman Imran Khan call for long march to the federal capital.

Imran arrived at the Vali junction. in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and later left for Islamabad via helicopter. Another party the leaders are gone for federal capital from the respective regions.

Police in Lahore and workers of PTI clashed as the latter managed to advance their way via containers deployed in Butty Chowk government to prevent protesters from reaching Islamabad.

Law enforcement officers fired tear gas after PTI supporters tried to remove the placed containers on routes from Lahore. PTI leaders Yasmin Rashid, Hammad Azhar and Shafkat Mehmood were leading workers. party As a result, supporters threw stones at the police.

At least 12 workers of The PTIs were detained by the police after the clashes. Former Punjabi Health minister Yasmine Rashid was also briefly stopped by local law enforcement, with in party claiming that the police tried to “grab her car keys.” Video of incident shared on social media featured an alleged PTI supporter resisting arrest of in former minister.

Rashid in statement, also windshield said of her vehicle was smashed by the police. She said that she faced difficulty in leaving the area but now on her way in Islamabad.

“This government lost its meaning. I am 80-year-old woman. Why are they threatened of me? How to Stop a Peaceful Protest Democratically?

Rashid added that, in spite of everything, enthusiasm of the workers were better than ever.

“Weapon seized from PTI office bearers’

In a tweet, PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz stated that the Punjab Police seized weapons from vehicles of PTI Lahore office-bearers Zubair Niazi and Bajash Niazi.

She shared photos of the cache recovered and said, “This is ugly face of the so-called long march. These intentions”.

According to the leader of the fiery PML-N, the police opened a criminal case against members of the PTI.

Traffic jams

Passengers in twin cities and areas surrounding Islamabad faced deprivation and traffic jams as an acting government blocked several roads with containers and other barricades in attempt to shorten the offensive of Long March of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf on federal capital.

All routes from Rawalpindi to Islamabad were blocked. with containers and routes leading from Rawat Chowk to the Islamabad Expressway were closed. Routes on Murray Road were also after various placed containers.

Faizabad area was completely closed off from the Express Highway, IJP Road and Murree Road, as well as from passengers bound for Islamabad. faced serious difficulties.

Heavy contingent of The Rawalpindi Police were also deployed around blockades.

metro buses and public transport were shut down in Rawalpindi, as well as educational institutions, shopping centers and bus stops.

Containers also sealed on both sides of the Rawalpindi-Savan bridge and the Rawalpindi-GT road was closed from the seventh bridge.

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Simultaneously, in Lahore, large contingent of police were deployed at Niazi Chowk and at the Ravi Bridge. Lahore GT Road was also closed with in use of containers and police personnel stopped dozens of trucks on road. The blockade led to in Massive traffic jams near the interchange of the Babu-Sabu freeway in provincial capital.

current coalition government on On Tuesday, a decision was made to ban the Pakistani Tehreek-e-Insaf from conducting the Azadi March to the capital. on May 25 (today) sound the alarm if the “bloody march” is not stopped in bud, that’d put survival of nation in risk”.

To prevent the expected “chaos and disorder”, government still banned on assembly in accordance with Article 144 (power to issue order absolute immediately in urgent business of trouble or detention danger) of the code of Criminal process.

decision to quell the unrest PTI comes amid the government’s alarming measures shield myself with thousands of security personnel who rolled into the federal capital a day earlier and killed of arrests and raids on in homes of party leaders. government practically surrounded herself with ditch to shield itself from the demonstrators.


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