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Imran invites the nation will take to the streets, hold “peaceful demonstrations” on Sunday against inflation – Pakistan

Former prime minister Imran Khan on Thursday called public go outside on On Sunday (June 19) at 21:00 to hold a “peaceful demonstration”. against rising inflation, which he said was the cause of a government “unable of treatment economy”.

In a recorded video message, Imran warned that inflation would rise even higher in days ahead if the nation “continues to sit idly by.”

“I invite all the people for peaceful protest against inflation. I invite trade trade unions, specialists, doctors, engineers, employees and government workers to take to the streets,” the ex-premier urged.

He said that wanted ask current rulers why they are “indulging in conspiracy” when they were unable to of treatment economy and country.

Imran said the nation remembers the story of current government leaders when they were in opposition and is used to criticize inflation. “Now reality standing in front of everyone.”

“When we left in government Gasoline cost 150 rupees per liter, and rose in price by 50 rupees. in our three-and-half-year term of office,” the ex-premier recalled.

Imran said that the International Monetary Fund also pressing PTI government raise fuel prices because of which “we have reserved 200 billion rupees in subsidies realizing future impact of fuel price to travel on foot on in public.”

He noted government raised price of gasoline for 85r. in only 20 days – unlike the Rs 50 increase made PTI in it’s almost fouryear rule — and expressed concern that prices would go even further up.

former the prime minister warned that a further increase in Diesel prices will cause ‘economic chaos’ in country.

He said that his government It was left electricity tariff of 16 rupees per unit, lamenting that new government has since brought it up to 30 rupees per unit.

“Bag 20 kg. of wheat was available for 1100 rupees and now it has risen to 1500 rupees. Just like ghee price was raised to Rs 650 per kg from Rs 400.

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