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Imran incites PTI workers, young generations to hate, violence, says Sharjil

Minister of Sindh for Information Sharjil Inam Memon called on the Pakistani workers of Tehreek-e-Insaf and especially young generation don’t act on incitement to violence by Imran Khan as his sole purpose is to wreak havoc in country.

In a statement on On Sunday he said that Khan busy in incitement young generations and PTI workers to take the law into their own hands and lead them to path of destruction for his own vested interests.

Memon said that not only the heirs of martyrs of six army personnel but the whole nation was in state of mourning and saddened by helicopter crash in Balochistan. He claimed that after the tragedy Khan party blown away out unethical campaign on social media what caused deep grief and distress among families of martyrs and people.

He thought he hated against Khan spread among the people over launching unethical social media trends after the tragedy with the helicopter on August 1. provincial information minister warned the khan to stop being naughty on in issue of martyrs; otherwise people of Pakistan will hold him accountable and will not allow him to out of Bani Gala.

He added that Khan was leading in young generation and PTI workers to path of breaking and pushing them in fire of hate, only for his hunger for coming to power again. He added what results of such wrong politics is terrible for country.

Memon further said that because of Khan wrong way of politicsliving Pakistanis in Saudi Arabia was punished and sent to jail as well six Pakistanis who was punished were breadwinners of their families. “Not one otherwise, but this is Imran Khan who is responsible for sending Pakistanis to jail”.

Speech at a press conference in the Assembly Hall of Sindh on Thursday, Memon said former prime minister Imran Khan was found guilty in in eyes of in people of country.

He said the verdict recently announced election commission of Pakistan (ECP) just stayed short of Khan’s punishment, as the ECP’s decision otherwise contained the full list of charges for all offenses committed by the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).

He said that after the ECP verdict, PTI Chairman Imran Khan should be excluded from participation in elections and PTI should considered politically prohibited party in accordance with the constitution and law. minister was of opinion that Khan and his henchmen should be awarded down at least sevenyear imprisonment after the verdict of the ESP.

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