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imran hopes of Come back to power ‘without campaign’

  • Says economic solutions problems connected with rule of law
  • Claims more government postponed elections more it would be useful for PTI

LAHORE: Former prime minister and Pakistani Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan stated on Tuesday party will return to power and will not even need to campaign” with power of popular public vote and “current situation” in country.

“Free and fair elections are terrible need of an hour to raise the country out prevailing economic shocks and restore stability and confidence”.

“Creating a strong rule of the law is going forward will be important for our economy”-@ImranKhanPTI #SavePakEconomy rice.twitter.com/URLSZ6W1qO

— PTI (@PTIOfficial) November 22, 2022

Presentation at the seminar via link to video on Imran Khan said on Tuesday that more in government postpone the elections more it would be useful for PTI. “We won’t even need to campaign due to current situation of country,” he said. out.

He stressed that “government with a clear the majority needed for courage decisions for economic turnaround and sweeping reforms.

Imran, criticizing government of Shahbaz Sharif said new government would have to be tough decisions “correct the country’s course.” PTI Chairman Says Country Needs to Focus on attraction of investments and investors should be encouraged and amnestied should provided only to those who invest in Industrial potential of Pakistan.

Referring to his dismissal, the PTI chairman said he still did not know of what is it supposedly behind was looking for a conspiracy, and said he had sent “Shaukat Tarin to tell the neutrals” that economy affected by political instability.

Earlier, announcing that final showdown with in government to force is to announce the date of early elections, asked Imran people converge on Rawalpindi on On November 26, the Haqiqi Azadi March will resume.

The head of PTI reiterated that economic decisions problems in countries were connected with in rule of law. former the prime minister insisted on in need install rule of law and said that economic decisions problems were tied with rule of law as it brings progress.

Imran Khan pointed out that economy can’t be improved While there was political instability in country. “Investors don’t invest in times of political instability,” he said, adding that political stability is just possible with transparent elections.

referring to challenges it is his government faced, former the prime minister said when party join power countries economy still in bad shape. “It would be difficult if it weren’t for for in help Pakistan received from friendly countries,” he said.

“If we didn’t get help from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and China, we would not have the resources for payments,” recalled the chairman of PTI.

Talking about PTI leadership of of the COVID-19 crisis, Imran said he was proud of its economic team for how this solved the problems. “The corona crisis was extremely large-scale. If we imposed complete self-isolation during the epidemic, people would have died of hunger,” he added.

“We have helped people during COVID-19,” Khan said, stressing that his government made in best decisions during a pandemic.

During his speech, Imran Khan said that his government should bought oil in Russia in his tenure. “We should bought oil in Russia when we took responsibility of in government,” he said.

“I sure that we could persuade Americans to allow us buy cheap oil from Russia,” he said, pointing out what how India made efforts to buy Moscow oil.

former prime minister claimed that the country was run mafiosi, claiming that “real estate mafia “was the most powerful one in country.

He also claimed that the Lahore Development Authority informed him of the corruption. in in real property sector. “There have been several cases on in issue but the police and government departments were bribed and silenced,” he said.

He also criticized the current government over this is ‘failed economic policy”, regretting that new incoming government will need make “tough decisions” to correct the country’s course.

November 26th PTI Meeting Reviews strategy

Punjab Health Minister and PTI Central Punjab President Dr. Yasmin Rashid held an important meeting in her party office regarding November 26 partyx strategy.

The meeting was attended by PTI Central Punjab Secretary General Hammad Azhar, Information Secretary Andlib Abbasi, Colonel (right) Ijaz Minhas, Dr. Azimuddin Lakhvi, Shaukat Ali Bhatti, Bilal Ijaz, Sadia Sohail, Faizul Hasan Shah, Brig (right) Ijaz Shah , MNA Haji Imtiaz, Dr. Nausheen Hamid, Rukhsana Naveed, Shanila Roth, MPA – Talib Nakai, Salim Sarwar Joda, Gulraiz Afzal Gondal, Shanila Ali, Raja Shakeel Zaman, Wasim Rami, Amina Talia, Faisal Gondal, Tariq Hameed, Sheikh Imtiaz, Owais Younis and others.

Dr. Yasmine Rashid reviewed strategy of November 26 in Details during the meeting. She was briefed on on behalf of of party officials.

On this occasion, she said that inshaAllah on November 26, sea of people will come out says the federal government couldn’t stop the workers of PTI is not with bullets but also with guns. War against “import lines” will continue as long as rule of law and rule of Constitution in country.

Legs of federal government started shaking on in call of November 26, Imran Khan. Imran Khan awakened consciousness of Pakistani nation. Provincial minister said that it was very sad that FIR was not registered for murderous attack on in world leader. How many federal government will test patience of in people? People want to know what who attacked their leader Imran Khan.

She said the federal government stuck over promises with IMF, as Imran Khan said on in first the day it was imported government will never be able run country. Imran Khan still sticks to his position. The country will never move forward how result of political instability, she concluded.

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