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Imran calls for a sequel of protest up to three “suspects” step down

  • Says they used the method for his murder as was used for Salman Taseer murder
  • An oath to continue the long journey after the restoration of health

LAHORE: Former prime minister and PTI Chairman Imran Khan on Friday said he would continue his long march towards Islamabad as soon as he recovered. followers and the workers keep on protesting against Rana Sanaullah, Shehbaz Sharif and Army Major-general while they step down from your posts.

“I will go out into the street immediately after my recovery and carry on in [march towards] Islamabad,” he said, addressing his supporters from the Shaukat Khanum hospital. in Lahore, where he is being treated.

وging خاو irsے اپimesے اوپر قاتلالہ حملے کinder کیا ھا ااتorable سنیے۔ rice.twitter.com/0OnNWHKwcm

— Shiffa Z. Yusufzai (@Shiffa_ZY) November 4, 2022

PTI chief addresses the nation for in first time after he narrowly escaped an assassination attempt during a party long march in Vazirabad yesterday.

“TO ensure an impartial and fair investigation is necessary for three senior officials step down since “all agencies are under their control,” Imran Khan pointed out. out and asked his supporters and workers to “fully participate” in protest against demand resignation of three suspects.

“Never compromise on your independence. Protest is your right,” he stressed.

He also asked the commander of the army to do senior military official to resign who he accused of participation in attempt.

پاکستان پر اس آدمی کی حفاظت کرنا فرض ہوگیا ہے

میرے لیڈر کو ہمیشہ اپنے حفط و امان میں رکھے( آمین) #عمران_خان_ہماری_ریڈ_لائن_ہے


— Dr. Iftikhar Durrani (@IftikharDurani) November 4, 2022

“This general is leading the country to destruction,” said Imran, claiming that the same military official was behind torture on PTI leaders Shahbaz Gill and Azam Swati.

Imran Khan argued that the commander-in-chief had an obligation to take action. against “black sheep to save the country from disintegration.”

This was stated by Pakistani Chairman Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI). of prior knowledge of a conspiracy to kill against him, saying: “I had already learned of was attacked somewhere between Wazirabad and Gujrat.”

In a televised address from the Shaukat Khanum hospital, the head of the PTI broke the silence and said that he had learned in advance about the threat to his life.

The PTI chairman said they used the same method for his murder as was used for murder of former Punjab Governor Salman Taseer. “They tried to accuse me of blasphemy public against me,” he asserted.

He said that the biggest political party pushed against in wall and attempts were made to kill his.

“We have learned nothing from past like Incident in East Pakistan. I knew they would try kill when I left for long march,” he said.

Imran Khan said that the conspirators decided kill him because they were careful of his long march and added that he received reports of his conspiracy from government officials in advance.

“The authorities were stunned when they saw that people at that time [in April] not support them decision overthrow my government,” he said.

Imran said the establishment is unaware of ground realities. “Despite the fact that it is known that people not ready to accept this import government [establishment] bent on providing them decision”.

عندلیب عبّاس (سیکٹری اطلاعات ktilo rice.twitter.com/5Zu5C5DEN8

— Andleeb Abbas PTI (@AndleebAbbas) November 4, 2022

The head of the PTI was shot in the leg after an armed confrontation. attack on his container when he led PTI’s “Hakiki Azadi March” in Vazirabad on Thursday.

The head of the PTI said his workers and supporters were tortured and intimidated during the party last long march because the establishment expected that party “disappear”, although such tactics.

“Four people made a decision behind closed door to kill I, and I told the nation beforehand. That’s why I made a video in which I named all four [conspirators]”.

Earlier, at the beginning of his address, Khan began to scold the incumbent government and mourned how his government was fired at the request of no-confidence.

“We will protest until these three people not removed and i inshaAllah once again give in call for Islamabad”-@ImranKhanPTI #عمران_خان_ہماری_ریڈ_لاین_ہے #SakGeneralFaysal rice.twitter.com/NHn9j2Nzao

— PTI (@PTIOfficial) November 4, 2022

” government could never lose distrust move but they [the coalition leaders] used money succeed,” he said, adding that the PTI-led government also had financial means to engage in horse trading but refrained from doing so.

He said that when PTI was in powerthen opposition took out three long marches against in government but we didn’t stop anyone”.

Khan accused the election commission of Pakistan (ECP) and stated that body was involved with current government to bypass PTI.

former prime minister added that the ECP has become a tool of in coalition government disqualify him in link to Toshahan.

“During the by-elections on July 17, the ECP resorted to all sorts of of rigging tactics”, – he argued. “They used all the maneuvers to discredit me, resorted to duping and initiating cases. against me.” He added that charges have been filed against his in the case of Toshakhana is groundless, since all the records available in Toshakhan.

“Despite the knowledge that nothing can be stolen from Toshakhany I was disqualified by the CEP in in that case, because they wanted create a levelplaying field for Nawaz Sharif.

Khan added that it cannot be compared with [Sharif family] who has billions of assets abroad and live in majority expensive apartments in London.

He stated that party would go to court against ECP decision disqualify him by saying that the Chief Electoral Commissioner Sikander Sultan Raja was “a servant of Sharif family”.

Dr. Faisal Sultan briefed on Imran Khan Saba’s injuries rice.twitter.com/SYZZ3XUnGL

— Azhar Mashvani (@MashwaniAzhar) November 4, 2022


Earlier, Imran Khan asked Dr. Faisal Sultan to inform the masses about his health condition, saying that he hit four bullets.

The Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) was examined by a medical board, after which all medical reports of in former prime minister were found to be satisfactory. Medical board allowed Imran Khan walk as well as use toilets. PTI chairman insists on discharged today, but the doctors advised him of one day rest.

The hospital administration stated that Imran Khan did not need further tests, he was not forbidden to eat or drink anything. According to sources in medical boardImran Khan’s right leg was operated on for two hoursPTI chairman suffered four injuries on leg, no bone damage.

Medical board says that all kinds of the particles were removed during the operation it was necessary to examine from all sides during the operation the operation was small but it took time for complete expertise.

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