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Imran asks for “neutrals” review politics while there is still time – Pakistan

chairman of the PTI and former prime minister Imran Khan on Thursday called on “Neutrals” term he uses for in military institution -review his policy,” while there was still time.

“I want ask neutrals today […] you know where is the country headed? he said during his speech at the seminar in Islamabad.

“How can a country economy progress when you don’t even know what will happen in in next 2-3 months,” Imran asked, adding that political stability was a necessary condition. for economic development and neither is possible without free and fair elections.

The PTI chairman warned that “the right decisions had to be made immediately, arguing that he preferred death instead of acceptance of an incumbent government, which he called a “composite failure”.

He recalled that before he came to power, the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) told him about corruption of PPS and PML-N. “I started believing that the establishment would act, but that didn’t happen.”

‘FROM great power comes great accountability,” Imran reminds the establishment.

Imran said that when he became prime ministerThe National Accountability Bureau (NAB) was not under his control. “There was a hand of somebody who would press the accelerator and cancel it in accordance with his wish. If NAB was in my control, I would get 15 to 20 billion rupees from them. [the political parties],” he claimed.

“Now I’m asking the establishment, how you let these corrupt leaders rule country? It means you can’t see theft how bad thing.

“When the establishment became aware of corrupt people why didn’t they stop their way? the ex-premier asked, pointing out that the institution had the highest degree of power in country.

“But with great power comes great responsibility,” he said. “Regardless of how a lot of times you call himself neutral, history I will blame you for what did you do with country.”

Imran then warned that there was still time “review policy”, specifying that “decisions taken behind closed doors” was not in in best interest of Pakistan.

“You should review and think there are 220 million people in this country […]”, he said, adding that over 60 percent of in population was of young people, and they needed work.”

‘Attempts of disqualification

Chairman of the PTI also alleged attempts were made made disqualify him and break his party saying the country was in a phase where people subjected to psychological pressure to agree new tune.

“And they using every tactic for this,” he insisted. ” way people choose up from social media […] and they are made to say Imran Khan made them say things against army.”

Imran said that journalists such as Sami Ibrahim, Sabir Shakir and Arshad Sharif were threatened.

“They closed Ahri News […] what is their fault that Shahbaz Gill said a statement that could be perceived wrong […] Ahri News was not closed because of this is.”

He claimed that nothing like this was ever done when Maryam Nawaz, Ayaz Sadiq or Nawaz Sharif spoke. against army.

PTI Chairman also condemned “torture” of his boss of Shahbaz Gill staff. “They completely broke it down […] I think our society has sunk to the point where I feel ashamed. And they do all this just so that we can accept these thieves.”

He added what plans were made break PTI. “They call our people with NNAs and spread fear among them,” he said.

Imran then challenged this spreading fear among people will not help because the nation finally realized that they wanted true freedom.


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