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Imran against the “sale” of national assets – Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: A day after the federal cabinet approved the sale order of national assets in attempt to overcome the economic crisis faced around the country, Pakistani Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan spoke out against the law and said “thieves” should not allowed to sell assets.

On your Twitter account former prime minister said: “How can I import government delivered to power through the US conspiracy, led by ‘crime minister’, whose family together with Zardari wrote volumes on their corruption, can be trusted with sale of national assets and this is also due to bypassing all procedural and legal checks.”

“These people plundered pakistan for in last 30 years and now responsible for current economic crisis. These thieves should will never be allowed to sell our national assets in roundabout way they try. The nation will never trust them with our national assets”, – said the head of PTI.

Remarks former The prime minister came the day after the federal cabinet approved the law proposed by the Cabinet committee. on Interstate commercial transactions for the sale of shares of oil and gas companies and government owned power factories in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, Qatar, etc. countries.

According to the ruling, the courts will not be able to consider petitions. against sale of assets as well as shares of state companies to foreign countries.

Source in in government said the proposed law would be introduced in parliament for approval as he dismissed the claim made Khan that the proposed law would allow in government sell any asset of country, not following the pledged down procedure. The source said: “No. asset will be sold without approval of cabinet.”

Defending the proposed law, the source said apart from for one deal, no agreement signed by Pakistan with Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar materialized during past five years because foreign countries were not ready to invest through the Privatization Commission.

Under the proposed law, foreign governments will be able to invest directly in state structures. “It will improve management of these organizations, since said states will bring effective management run these enterprises,” the source said. added.

Decree for sale of assets

The proposed law will provide for carrying mechanism out commercial transaction within the interstate framework promotion agreement, attract and encourage foreign states to have economic and business connections with Pakistan, according to documents.

Volume of the law will apply to all “commercial transactions”, including sales, purchases, investments, disposals, purchases, licensing, leases, joint ventures, assignments, concessions, service contracts, management contracts or other transactions arising from out of G2G(government-to-government) or commercial agreement, documents added.

Published in Dawn, July 24, 2022


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