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Improve objects for heavy vehicle drivers or face new tax, deputies tell the cargo sector | Couriers / delivery industry

Automotive industry should put a doubleyear deadline for modernization of facilities for truck drivers, with clean showers, healthy food and facilities for female driversor face a new tax, the ministers were told.

Wednesday cross-party group of the deputies called for logistics industry in order to “get house in order”, improving accommodation for drivers and providing new training routes for recruitment more truckers from different walks of life. It happens when the sector is struggling with absence of heavy loads vehicle (freight car) drivers, leading to regular lack of fuel at gas stations and empty shelves in supermarkets.

Last year Road Carriers Association, Industry trade body estimated to be in short supply of 100,000 trucks drivers due to the coronavirus crisis and Brexit. Currently, the shortage is estimated to have been reduced to around 65,000 pieces. drivers.

The Commons Transportation Selection Committee stated that if changes not made within two years the most profitable parts of sector should face a new tax.

Under the proposed supply chain levy, major supermarkets, oil companies and online service giants may be forced to pay in favor of cost of new facilities for heavy vehicle drivers.

“We urge government be brave and force sector to get your house in order,” Hugh Merriman, Conservative chairman. of committee said. “The supply chain tax has previously spurred reforms.

“If the industry won’t deliver change, government should do it and send them an invoice via higher taxes for who produce and sell and make the most profit.”

Report of the Committee “The Road Freight Supply Chain”, found what key reason drivers don’t stay in sector – disadvantage of quality conditions for recreation.

The report is called for introduction of minimum standards for amenities, including security, clean showers and toilets, healthy food options, and services for female drivers.

Drivers are quoted in the report expressed concern about “poor dishwashing conditions” at overnight stopovers, including dirty and “ruined” showers. The report stated that some official stay-over services were bad what drivers I prefer to park in overnight stay – a practice so-called “parking on the fly”, which can lead to fines.

The committee stated that the industry should make more encourage women and younger people in driving heavy vehicles.

“Women do up only 1% of work force. Proportion of under 25 is less than 3%,” Merriman said. “For too long this lack of variety saw more drivers retires than is recruited.

“We have been here before. In 2016, the transport committee called for for action in the freight sector, but few changed. Flaw of diversity holds expansion in work force back”.

Committee also called on trucking companies pay for in special training required for drive truck. Currently cost covered drivers.

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Merriman added: “For a long time-term decision lies in moving more cargo transportation by rail and by water. This will help decarbonize the sector and make it more attractive to drivers who want work over shorter distances; drivers who want see your families at the end of a hard day, not facing antisocial and dangerous nights of sleep in their taxi. In the near term need the best conditions for creating moving essential goods sound choice of profession.”

Road Freight Association, which represents commercial trucking companies and has more over 7,000 members, said they “generally welcomed” the report and that many of the recommendations were in line with own requests for change. it added: “We value the principles behind supply chain fee, but we need certainty that it is not result in irrelevant cost pressure.

“We concerned that the industry cannot do the necessary changes to avoid collection in just two years when so many of those changes are outside control over the industry.

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