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Immediate import from India not considered: FO – World

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (FO) on On Thursday it became known that Pakistan had no proposals under consideration. currently to allow import of vegetables from India.

“We in touch with countries in the wider region to facilitate faster imports of vegetables in country,” said FI spokesman Asim Iftikhar Ahmad. in weekly press briefing today.

Ahmad’s comments came days after Finance Minister Miftah Ismail said that government could “consider importing vegetables and other edible items from India” to facilitate people after recent floods destroyed harvest throughout the country.

Finance minister said prices of vegetables had risen significantly in price due to shortages, and what he was discussing issue with ministers of trade and finance. He added that they’ll take the plan on prime minister in a day or two.

“We will open duty-free import, do it easier and I also want say that we will consider importing through the land border with India because these prices [of vegetables] are not sustainable,” he said.

Pakistan has officially downgraded its rating trade connections with India in August 2019 to level of Israel with which is not in Islamabad trade connections in general. decision was a reaction to the Indian decision repeal article 370 of its constitution, which granted occupied Kashmir special status.

“Decisive demarche” hit India

FO press secretary also said Pakistan made a ‘decisive demarche’ to India while expressing solidarity with in people of held Kashmir on in first death Anniversary of Hurriyat leader Syed Ali Shah Gillani.

Ahmad said that Pakistan with Kashmiris on both sides of line of Control (LOC) in payment tribute in Jilani on in first Anniversary of his martyrdom.

“Indian Chargé d’Affaires (Cd’A) in Islamabad summoned to the ministry of foreign affairs and a strong demarche was made over India’s Continuing Stubbornness and Refusal to Recognize Syed Ali Shah Gilani’s Right to Burial in conformity with his will, he said.

veteran Kashmiri separatist leader dies last year aged of 92 after being under house arrest for 11 years.

Gilani was a thorn for India since the early 1960s when he started campaigning for confluence of occupied Kashmir with Pakistan. He also pursued his secessionist appeals as a member of Kashmir Assembly.

On the day Jilani passed away, the Indian troops placed up rolls of barbed wire and barricades on roads leading to the leader house in in main city of Srinagar.

hundreds of security forces were immediately deployed and media reports say a curfew has been put in place and internet services have been shut down.

Two days later Jilani body was torn from his family and buried against his will under lockdown in Srinagar. Subsequently, Pakistan demanded an investigation into the funeral.

This was announced by the representative of the Indian. official It was said that Pakistan deeply regrets that “despite the transition of one year after Jilani’s death in Indian tutelage, government of India persisted in his intransigence and refused him a decent burial in cemetery of Martyrs at his will.”

More ominously, he continued, the Kashmiris were not even allowed to pay their respects to the revered leader at the cemetery. in Hyderpore Srinagar, where he was hastily buried by the Indian occupying forces. in absence of his family as well as followers.

“Cd’A called to hand over to the government of India what a mortal remains of the late Jilani is to be buried in the cemetery of Martyrs at his will and without hindrance access be given to him family as well as followers pay tribute to great leader,” demanded a spokesman for the FO.

He argued that Jilani’s unwavering commitment to Kashmir cause, in in face of the relentless persecution and enormous personal hardships were unparalleled.

“He will be remembered for his unconditional love for Kashmir and Pakistan. May his legacy continue to inspire those who carry it. mission forward put an end to the illegal Indian occupation of Jammu and Kashmir,” he said. added.

India has always welcomed play against Pakistan’

In response to a question, the representative of the FI said that it was India that had moved away from playing bilateral cricket with Pakistan.

“We have always been in favor of sports should do not mix with other issues,” Ahmad said, adding that if India wanted to play against Pakistan, this is always welcome.

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